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Beneath is information on why Smart Aerials are the company for you. It includes information on our accredidations, testimonials from happy customers and case studies on jobs we are particlury happy with.

Why Use Us?

“I think that you have come to the right place, but you may not yet. To make life as easy as possible for you I have tried to create our site which shows us to the best of our ability. What to expect from our service, how we differ from the rest and how using us can actually benefit you! But please don’t just take our word for it. Listen to our customers.”


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Case Studies

Twenty 8

Communal IRS TV installation

A picture of twenty 8 in eastbourne

Branching Out Adventures

Tooway satellite broadband installation

A picture of a satellite broadband dish in east sussex

Memberships and Accreditations

Our memberships with various trade organisations have a number of knock on benefits that directly benefit our customers. Read More