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For expert Communal TV system installations, you have come to the right place. For all communal work we carry out a free site survey and provide a free quote. Beneath is information on the types of communal TV systems we install.

Communal TV

Here Smart Aerials we are specialists in design, installation and maintenance of communal television systems. Communal TV comes in many forms and integrations with other services, such as CCTV, are becoming ever more popular. Smart Aerials are fully liability insured, qualified and can perform work with no height restrictions. We are well trained in all forms of communal TV, including fibre optic installations.

Integrated Reception Systems (IRS)

IRS is now the preferred option for most new communal TV installations, as they are flexible and scalable. IRS networks can be as simple as a shared satellite dish or aerial serving more than one flat. IRS networks can also be vast, relaying a whole host of services such as Sky, Freesat, European satellite, Freeview, Telephone, Broadband, CCTV, DAB, FM and more all to a single socket within a building. It is even possible to relay satellite signals from more than one satellite utilising IRS for communal TV.

Master Antenna Television (MATV)

MATV is as its name suggests, is a single master antenna that can serve more than one dwelling. Although not as flexible as IRS, Master Antenna Television is great for re-laying Freeview signals to more than one property.

Satellite Master Antenna Televisions (SMATV)

Extending on from the Master Antenna Television concept, Satellite Master Antenna Television adds extra services. This system has always been more popular with hotels and leisure complexes. Since the digital switch over this type of systems popularity has declined, as Freeview now offers a great variety of programmes. However these systems can still be used to good effect for relaying services that are not included in Freeview, such as satellite television or radio channels and CCTV cameras.

To see our case study that shows a communal tv system in pace please click HERE