TV on wall installation with all cables hidden

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Since the digital switchover which took place in various stages between 2005-2012 up to 80 TV and Radio services can be received completely free through a TV aerial as-well as 12 High Definition (HD) channels which previously only offered 4 or 5 analogue TV channels.

Silver + TV Wall Mounting Package

Exclusive to studded walls and some dry lined walls (dot and dab). Offering a lot more than our silver package for little extra cost and almost the same as our Gold package for less cost. The silver+ package is the perfect option for a neat installation with all cables buried within the wall up to the TV.

From only £175 you get all of the following:

  • Your TV professionally and safely mounted onto a stud wall or dry lined wall
  • One flat to wall TV bracket with appropriate fixings
  • Routing of all AV cables behind or within wall with exit/ entry brush faceplates. (Up to 5m)
  • TV set up and tuning
  • Filling and making good. (Ready with a small amount of sanding for decoration)
  • Full one year guarantee as standard. (Refer a friend, get an extra year!)
  • ‍Post installation over the phone support

We stock a wide variety or brackets such as tilting or full motion and longer AV cables on the van, so package can be altered or upgraded to your very need at any time.

Many other companies offer similar packages but not always with the bracket included. Please check this when comparing quotes.

Not quite what you were looking for? Get a bit more or get a bit less with our other TV mounting packages. The Silver+ package equivalent onto a solid wall is the Gold package.