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Tooway satellite broadband is a a broadband service delieverd via a satellite dish opposed to a standard telephone line or cable connection. It's perfect for poor broadband areas where otherwise a poor service can be received. Beneath is information on Tooway and why we are the company to choose for your installation or repair.

Tooway Satellite Broadband

Tooway satellite broadband installations.

Do you live in an area with no or poor broadband service? Look no further than Smart Aerials for your satellite broadband installation.

What is satellite broadband?

Satellite broadband as the name suggests is broadband delivered via satellite and received with a satellite dish not too dissimilar to those used for satellite TV. Tooway is a service provider now responsible the fastest commercially available satellite broadband in the world. Speeds of 20Mb download and 6Mb upload can be achieved with Tooway.

Where is Tooway satellite broadband available?

As no connection to a telephone line is required, geographical location plays no part in the service making it perfect for rural areas as you are no longer dependent on out of date terrestrial telephone networks. Again like your satellite TV, as long as a clear view of the satellites in space can be achieved the service will be available making the coverage area nearly 100% of the UK.

Why choose Smart Aerials for your Tooway satellite broadband installation?

Smart Aerials are an approved reseller of this service and after attending and passing the training course are officially “Tooway Certified Broadband Installers”.

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