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Expert home CCTV installations in East Sussex, West Sussex & Kent. Look no futher than Smart Aerials for your home CCTV installation. All of our home CCTV systems are viewable on Smart Phones and tablets remotely in HD quality.

Home CCTV Installations

A picture of a CCTV camera installed at a home address in Sussex

Smart Aerials specialise in professional and affordable CCTV Home installations carried out to the highest quality using only high quality parts and components.

How much value are you currently placing on your biggest asset?

You can answer the above question many ways, you could literally be talking about your family home, contents within or car(s). Or this could be this could be answered by the security provided for your loved ones along with your piece of mind.

It is unfortunate that crime is on the rise including burglaries and vandalism. CCTV is a proven to be one of the best ways to protect your home and is just as effective deterrent for crime as it is recording the event itself.

We install variety of CCTV systems and cameras for the home including analogue based systems, High definition and secure IP CCTV installations, Infra-red and day/ night cameras, Pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras to allow the user to control the direction of the camera and much more.

A typical CCTV installation from Smart Aerials includes:

  • One or more IP or analogue based camera of minimum HD TVI quality installed in locations as per your requirements.
  • Cables run neatly to where they are required. Cables can be taken through lofts and within trunking to keep the installation discreet.
  • Optimum setting up of the equipment such as the DVR and connection to your TV or monitor with full demonstration.
  • Integration with the broadband supply to allow remote viewing on PC, smart phone or tablet providing peace of mind when away from home or on holiday.
  • Post installation and support over the phone.

Chances are, your requirements will fall into one of our mounting packages. 

Find out more about our CCTV home mounting packages:

A clickable photo of buisness & commercial CCTV installations
A clickable photo of home CCTV installations