Branching Out Adventures - Tooway Satellite Broadband Installation in Halland, East Sussex

We were approached by our client ‘Branching Out Adventures’ who were after a quote and advice for a wireless broadband system at their new adventure park.

Due to their location a BT telephone line was not a feasible option as this would have involved hundreds of meters of cable and a huge expense, so a traditional ADSL or Fibre connection was out of the question. We attended the site to perform a free site survey. After consulting with the customer the most viable solution was Tooway satellite broadband which delivers and receives its data via satellite, resulting in a nearly 100% coverage of the UK. It was also stressed by the customer the installation needed to be kept as discreet as possible.

The installation was not an ‘out of the box’ satellite dish installation owning to fixings positions available, cable length and trees. On the first visit we identified a suitable fixing position- hidden from view from the field opposite but clear of the trees. We concreted a scaffold style aluminium pole into the ground in preparation for the install. We returned the next day to install the dish. Owing to the cable length (120m), we installed a WF165 cable between the dish and router to allow for extra cable resistance. We installed the router within the office area together with a wireless access point. As the opening day was fast approaching, we hurried through the first time installation and saved 24 hours on activation time. It also meant we were able to assist the customer in connecting their devices to the new network.

After installation we assisted the customer with advice for a VOIP telephone number. The same satellite dish is now responsible for their till system, the WIFI area for the customers and all the business phone calls with a local ‘01825’ number for their area, with speeds up to 22Mb download and 6Mb upload.