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A Fibreglass dish is a dish that directly benefits a standard steel dish through being made of a material of that doesn't rust or corrode. Making it perfect for Seaside locations, New builds and newly renovated properties. Benath is more information and why we are the company to choose for your installation or repair.

Fibreglass Satellite Dishes

In our day to day activities there are few things that frustrate as much as seeing an old satellite dish rusting and leaving brown streaks down a white/ lightly coloured wall. If you live in a seaside town you may already be used to picking up loose parts of your satellite dish that have corroded off, but If you are fed up of this, wish to avoid this situation and repainting your walls a Fibre Glass Satellite Dish is exactly what you are looking for.

A Fibreglass satellite dish is a corrosive resistant, rust proof, long life, high quality satellite dish and will last considerably longer than a Sky style, mesh or solid steel satellite dish. Particularly in the case of the Sky style mini-dish which is often considered a consumable item, once the paint fails the satellite dish will quickly rust and can ultimately lead to loss of TV signal.

Perfect for seaside installations

If you live right on the seafront with the salt air it is not uncommon for satellite dishes to need to be replaced every couple of years. A fibreglass dish installation in this scenario will easily pay for its self-five times over. Obviously we can’t offer a lifetime guarantee but we do throw an extra year guarantee for a full two year guarantee with 12 months extra piece of mind.

Money well spent

The cost of a having a fibreglass dish installation is approximately double a standard Sky/ Freesat style dish. (Currently £295) but you can expect the installation to last far beyond double the length of time. Making it a most worthy investment.

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