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TV aerials and digital reception are the main method for supplying TV here in the UK. Although the term "Digital Aerial" doesn't really exist beneath is more information and why we are the company for your installation or repair.

Digital Aerials

What can I get through a digital TV aerial?

Since the digital switchover which took place in various stages between 2005-2012. Up to 80 TV and Radio services can be received completely free through a TV aerial as well as 12 High Definition (HD) channels which previously only offered 4 or 5 analogue TV channels. This new service is now called Freeview and is the most popular TV platform in the UK. To receive digital TV all that is required is a TV aerial and a compatible digital TV receiver which is built into all new TV’s, alternatively for older TV’s an inexpensive digital Set Top Box will also work.

Digital TV aerial installations

Here at Smart Aerials we are experts in aspects of digital TV installation. I mean we would have to be, it’s in our name! We only install the highest quality benchmarked TV aerials and cables that will stand the test of time, as well as giving at great TV signal. We are trained and insured to work at heights so we are also specialists in difficult to access installations as well as having £5,000,000 worth of liability cover, which provides our customers with peace of mind.

TV aerial repairs and servicing

If you have lost signal or your digital TV is pixelating and becoming unwatchable. Contact Smart Aerials right away! All of all installers are trained to the highest standard and carry state of the art test equipment which enables us to quickly diagnose a wide variety of TV system faults and dramatically speeds up fault finding investigative exercises, which can actually save your time and money. We carry a vast amount of stock on the van meaning we can get you up and running right away!

Why choose Smart Aerials for my digital TV aerial installation?

We are a company that strives for excellence and have already delighted over 1000 customers and are rated 9.92 out of 10 on Checkatrade.com (25/04/16). We are officially a “Trading Standards Approved” company and offer a 12 month double backed guarantee as standard with all of our domestic TV aerial and satellite work.