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If you are not familiar with it already, Sky is a premium TV service delivered via a satellite dish. Sky requires a monthly subscription, benath is information on the multiple Sky offerings such as Sky HD and Sky Q and why Smart Aerials are the company to choose for your installation or repair.


What is Sky TV?

Sky TV is a subscription TV service that is delivered to homes across the UK via satellites in space and received via a small satellite dish usually installed on the exterior wall of the building. Sky TV is considered the premier TV service for lots in this country and for rightful reason, with the exception of Virgin Media who are also vying for top spot. Since Sky TV was launched in the late 1980’s- Early 1990’s it has been at the forefront of technological improvements and evolution to TV systems in the UK. It originally started as an analogue broadcast offering more channels than its competitors. Through the years has it continued to improve picture quality through Sky Digital, HD and 3D broadcasts and it has changed the way we consume TV through Sky+, Sky Go and now Sky Q.

How do I get Sky TV?

To receive Sky TV a satellite dish and a Sky box connected to the TV with a subscription and that’s it. Most Sky boxes these days are Sky+ PVR boxes which allow you to pause, stop and rewind live TV as well as being able to schedule, record and store TV programmes onto the box itself and access at a later date. To be able to do this a second cable is required from the satellite dish together with a possible small alteration to the dish itself (LNB replacement). For full range of catch up services that are on offer and Sky Q the box should also be connected to the internet. This can be done by an Ethernet cable, wireless adapter or with a WIFI enabled box.

Satellite Dish Installations and Repairs for Sky TV from Smart Aerials.

Often when people sign up to Sky they have been seduced by an offer of a subsidised or “Free Installation”. A lot of the time the installation that would be required are not covered by these offers. Beneath are some reasons to choose Smart Aerials for your installation or repair.

We are very quick to respond, generally the process from initial enquiry through booking to installation is only a few days, often the same day, meaning you will not have to wait around for your Sky television. Our current call out charge is less than Sky so we may even save you money and get there quicker!

We are trained and insured at heights. We specialise in difficult to access installations and repairs such as installation of satellite dishes on chimney stacks. You will not need a separate visit from a special heights team. We also enjoy keeping our installations as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

We do not sub-contract direct from Sky for a fixed fee per job. Meaning we are not trying to get as many installations done as possible. We do the job exactly how you want it. Whether it’s routing cables through your loft, in your wall, terminating cables in wall plates or connecting to your home theatre system our service is tailored entirely to your needs. YOU are our customers, not Sky.

We carry vast amounts on stock on our vans. Combined with our technical knowledge and expertise we are able to rectify or carry out extra work associated with your Sky subscription such as on demand internet content/ telephone connections or Sky video playback systems. Even in HD!

Why choose Smart Aerials?

We a offer a full 12 month double backed guarantee as standard with all of our domestic TV aerial and satellite work. We have over 2000 happy customers and have 65+ five star reviews on Google.

Sky Q

Sky Q is Sky’s latest offering and it’s a great system. If you are happy to pay the premium you can use all sorts of features such as being able to record four TV shows at once, while you watch a fifth and access recordings from your box on other devices such as Smart Phones and tablets, plus much more. 

If you choose to upgrade to Sky Q from Sky+HD it worth noting that a new box will be required as well as an alteration to your satellite dish. Sky Q is not backwards compatible with Sky HD or Freesat so if you wish to run both simultaneously you will either need a separate satellite dish or compatible distribution equipment.

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