A picture CCTV camera installation

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With modern flat screen televisions, mounting TV’s to walls has become very popular and for good reason. Here at Smart Aerials we not only offer a reliable and affordable service. but we can also take the stress and concern out of this potentially daunting task.

Home CCTV Installation Packages

Be safe and secure in your own home in the knowledge that your home is protected by CCTV. We have taken any stress and confusion out of buying a professional CCTV installation by grouping it together into various camera packages.

All of our packages utilise only high quality parts and components resulting in only high quality installations. All of our packages are loosely based around using HD TVI cameras of minimum 1080p resolution. Meaning if you opt for a higher resolution camera or IP system it could slightly more, of if you opt for something slightly less it could cost less. Nevertheless it’s still a straight forward, open and honest buying process.

If you require an installation that is not necessarily out of the box, worry not. We can supply you an installation completely bespoke to your requirements.

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