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Satellite is the prefered method for receiving satellite TV from abroad here in the UK, TV from all over Europe and the world can be received. Smart Aerials are the company to choose for your installation or repair, beneath is more information.

European and International Satellite TV

European Satellite Television from the UK

Enjoy European satellite television, radio and high definition (HD) from all over Europe and here in the UK. All that’s required for European satellite is an appropriate sized dish, a clear view of the satellites in space.With so many satellites and packages available, there are literally thousands of satellite TV channels to choose from all over Europe and North Africa. Including ‘free to air’ satellite channels, which can be enjoyed where ever with no monthly subscription.There are are also lots of premium based television channels which require special equipment in order to view.

Free to Air satellite TV from abroad

Free to air, or FTA, is exactly what it says and is very simple to set up and receive. Its perfect for the people who don’t want to pay any extra for channels. The free euro TV viewer knows not everything on satellite needs to be paid for. Paired with a correct sized dish for reception from the desired satellites, all satellite receivers (except a Sky box) when installed correctly are capable of receiving a wide range of free European satellite TV from the UK and abroad in dozens of languages.

Premium Satellite TV from abroad

Receiving Premium European satellite television is very similar to receiving free to air channels. However very often, premium satellite television comes encrypted and requires decryption in order to watch. Encryption is used to allow only permitted people to watch the premium content. Decryption is achieved with a decryption card and a appropriate CAM (Conditional Access Module). This can either be built into a purpose built satellite receiver or an external unit which connects into the satellite receiver, the satellite receiver will need to have a common interface slot in order to connect a external CAM.

Multi Satellite reception and Motorised systems

It is possible that a wide variety of satellite channels are desired from numerous satellites in different orbital positions. There are a few ways in which this can be achieved, most commonly a second satellite dish is installed to receive from a second orbital position. But what if three, four or more satellites are desired? Not a lot of people know that planning permission is required for installation of a third satellite dish. Fortunately there a couple of ways to do this. It is possible to connect your satellite dish to receive from two or more satellites with installation of extra LNBs. The dish would be aligned to one satellite and the extra LNB would be offset to receive from another. So if you wanted to receive satellite transmissions from Astra 1 at 19E and Hotbird at 13E this could be achieved with just one dish. A motorised dish installation extends this and allows for more flexibility and far more options with regards to reception. Whatever satellite you required the dish would simply move to receive from that satellite. This is great when large numbers of satellites are desired, or there is a big gap between orbital positions is present.