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For fast, professional and affordable data and network cabling installations in Bexhill, East Sussex - Smart Aerials are the company to choose.

Network & Data Cable installation Bexhill

Smart Aerials are specialists in the installation of data and network cabling and regularly serve happy customers in and around Bexhill in East Sussex.


Who are we?


We are a small team of expert Audio Visual and IT/ Computer cabling experts who pride ourselves in a fast, affordable and professional service. Our data cable installers are personable, punctual, polite and courteous and will treat your property with the care and attention that a data cable installation company should.


We can provide you with a multitude of data network cable related services including but not limited to, installation of Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat 6 networks for super-fast Ethernet speeds, structured cabling installations where all the network switches can be wired into a patch panel in a central location creating a neat and super organised system, setting up and installation of LAN’s, installation of RJ45 and 8P8C wall jacks and many other IT cable related services.


Home Network Cabling Service in Bexhill


We fast, reliable now becoming a necessity. Installing a reliable wired broadband internet system is the way to go. By connecting all the fixed equipment such as PC’s, printers and Smart TV’s with a dedicated Ethernet cable you are maximising the speed and reliability of that piece of equipment as a wired connection will not suffer with many things that can limit or reduce your broadband speed that WIFI can. For Smart TV’s installing a dedicated internet cable to the TV is a great idea as it will usually dramatically limit buffering which can be very frustrating when watching your favourite TV programs.


If you live in a large building installing a network data cable system will be a great idea as WIFI will struggle to cover larger distances – especially when passed through walls, floors and furniture. Another advantage of having data cabling installed thorough your building is that at any date the WIFI range can easily be expanded with the installation of access points.



Why choose Smart Aerials for your Data Cabling installation in Bexhill, East Sussex?


We are a company renowned for a high standard of service which the vast majority of business coming direct from returning happy customers and recommendations. We currently at the time of writing this have over 2000 happy customers – may be much more by the time you read it!


We are highly rated by our customers and clients on third party websites such as Checkatrade.com and are currently rated 9.9 out of 10.


We are Trading Standards Approved through both East Sussex and West Sussex thanks to our Buy With Confidence and Checkatrade memberships. In order to say this we have had our business practices audited and constantly monitored to see that we are trading in an open, honest and fair way.


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We currently serve all of East and West Sussex including parts of Kent. Aswell as Bexhill On Sea we also regularly serve Sidley, Little Common, Cooden, Pebsham, Ninfield and Hooe as well as many others.