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Expert and affordable Network and Data Cabling Installations in Hastings.

Network & Data Cable Installation Hastings

Smart Aerials are the company to choose for expert data and network cable installations in Hastings, East Sussex. We are a small team of professional AV and IT cable installation specialists. All of our installers are punctual, neat, tidy and courteous can get you up and running with super-fast internet and broadband systems. Including 100Mb, 1GB and 10GB by installing twisted pair Cat5e, Cat6 and Ca6a Ethernet cables.


We can provide you with a multitude of Network and Data cable services including the setting up and implementing LANs, bringing all the cables back to a central location like in a structured network environment and install patch panels and RJ45 jacks for a super neat and organised installation. Computer cable, IT cable installations and network cable installations in Hastings.


Home Network Cabling Service in Hastings


With the way modern life is going, any future upgrades to the broadband will inadequate by the time they arrive. With Smart TV’s, multiple computers and kids! Bandwidth and a good internet speed can be valuable resource!


It is highly advised that all ‘permanently’ connected equipment in your home should be connected by a dedicated Ethernet data cable. Things like PC’s which will improve things greatly, Printers and I also strongly advise that Smart TV’s are also connected. When broadband runs slow in busy periods when streaming online video the video will buffer if it can’t keep up with itself and it always run slow when you want to use it – In the evenings. If you connect your Smart TV with a dedicated Network this will maximise your broadband internet speed and reduce the chance of buffering happening!


For large buildings having a dedicated data network IT cabling system will provide you with a huge advantage, firstly it will provide you fast speeds throughout the building where WIFI can’t and secondly should you ever wish to increase or improve your WIFI to fix any black or no spots you can easily install access points through the same computer cables which will fix this.


Why Smart Aerials for my Data Cabling Installation in Hastings, East Sussex?


Firstly please don’t be put off by our trading name, Smart Aerials. We have expert data cable and network cable installation specialists with our team who can truly provide you with a system up to all of your broadband and internet needs.


We have over 2000 happy customers in the Hastings and East Sussex area which is continuing to expand. We may have even more by the time that has been read. I say happy customers because we are constantly rated high on things like Checkatrade.com with a current score of 9.9 out of 10.


We have liability cover to the value of £5,000,000 which shows to our customers we are completely serious about looking after their property should the worst ever happen.


We are officially “Trading Standards Approved” Twice! Believe it or not! Number 1 as we are members with the Buy With Confidence scheme which has moved to West Sussex from East Sussex and 2 through our Checkatrade membership which has taken over for the East Sussex area. Both times our business was audited to see that we are trading in an open honest and fair way, our business is also constantly monitored by both to see that we are doing everything that we say we should. Which I’m delighted to say that we are.


Call us on 01424 559790 to book your Data and Network Cable installation in Hastings today!


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Aswell as Hastings we also serve all the towns and villages surrounding it in East Sussex including St Leonards On Sea, St Helens, Westfield, Pett, Pett Level, Icklesham, Fairlight and Guestling Thorn among others.