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Newhaven Data & Network cable installations | Trading Standards Approved fast & professional Data cable installation company

Network & Data Cabling Installation Newhaven

For professional and super-fast data and network cable installations in Newhaven, East Sussex including Bishopstone and Denton for home and business at residential and commercial/ office buildings come to Smart Aerials. We are a small innovative data cabling company who pride ourselves in a fast, professional service of our installers and engineers come uniformed and are punctual, polite and courteous who will quickly and efficiently complete your IT cabling work with a neat and tidy finished product.


Data Cabling and Network Cable services in Newhaven


We can help you with a wide variety of data and computer cable installations in Newhaven, such as:


Structured Cable Installations

Super-fast 100MB, 1GB and 10GB Ethernet Networks and LAN set ups.

Cat5/ Cat5e/ Cat6/ Cat6a data cable installations

Patch panel installation

Installation of switches, routers, hubs and wireless access points

RJ45 and 8P8C sockets and wall jacks

Long distance wireless internet and reliable WIFI


Super neat and tidy, organised certified to the latest standards where all cable come back to central locations within data cabinets and labelled so you know exactly what goes where.


Home Network Installation in Newhaven, East Sussex


Why should you have network cable installed throughout your home? Well why shouldn’t you? If you are looking to increase your internet speed and maximising the reliability of your broadband then it is a necessity.


By having Cat5 or Cat6 installed throughout your home you can permanently connect many pieces of equipment with a dedicated Ethernet cable which will provide that piece of equipment with the best possible speed. If you install Cat6 throughout your home you could have a home Network running at 1GB speeds which is lightening.


What equipment should be connected with an Ethernet Network cable? I strongly recommend anything that is used a lot or anything that streams audio or video from the internet as it will dramatically reduce the amount of buffering that may happen compared to if it was connected wirelessly. The a few thing more annoying than sitting down of an evening to watch your favourite on demand content only to have to sit through hours of buffering – This doesn’t happen to me of course as I have IT cables installation throughout my house! Things like Smart TV’s, Wireless sound systems and PC’s will really benefit from having their own data cable connected to them.


The same Network cables can even be used to extend your WIFI range and performance in larger houses and properties where traditionally broadband routers will struggle with the installation of access points.


Reasons to use Smart Aerials for your data cable installation in Newhaven


We have signed up to a higher standard of service! Our membership with the Buy With Confidence scheme has seen our trading practices scrutinised and found to be acceptable earning us the status and to officially be able to say that we are “Trading Standards Approved”. The Buy With Confidence scheme we are a member of used to be run by East Sussex County Council but is now run by Hampshire Trading Standards.


We are a small local company who care deeply about our customers’ needs and our own reputation. We monitor this by our own internal feedback system but we also encourage our customers to leave public feedback of our service on third party websites such as Checkatrade.com where we are currently rated 9.9/10.


You should never end with a negative I know. But should the worst ever happen and we work in a safe and tidy manner with experienced engineer, technicians and installers your property and its contents are covered by public liability cover to the value of five million pounds – should the worst ever happen!


Don’t delay, book your own Network Cable Installation in Newhaven, East Sussex today! Call 01273 282150


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We serve the whole of East Sussex, West Sussex and parts of Southern Kent as well as Newhaven and surrounding towns and villages Bishopstone, Peacehaven, Denton, South Heighton, Piddinghoe, Tarring Neville, Southease and Rodmell.