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For expert & professional Network data cable installations in Poelgate choose Smart Aerials | Trading Standards Approved data cable installer & engineers

Network & Data Cabling Installation Polegate

Are you looking for a truly local network and data cable installation in Polegate to come and install you and super-fast data cabling system including nearby areas Alfriston, Wannock and Willingon. Smart Aerials can install you a ultra-fast LAN for your home, business, office and commercial premises using the latest Cat5, Ca5e, Cat6 and Cat6a data cables with speeds of 100MB, 1GB and 10GB achievable.


We can help you with a wide variety of network cable installation and computer/ IT cable installations in Polegate, East Sussex including the following:


Cat5 and Cat6 cable systems

100MB, 1GB and 10GB LAN’s

Structured Cable installations

Installation of hubs, routers and network switches

Reliable WIFI and long distance wireless internet

Patch Panel Installations

Installation of RJ45 sockets and 8P8C wall jacks


We can install you with a super-fast, super neat and organised network cable system where all the cables come to central locations and are labelled so you know what exactly goes where.


Home Network Installation in Polegate, East Sussex


Having data cables installed throughout your home is beneficial for numerous reasons. Everything is connected these days if you have kids you will know already that a 40MB broadband Internet connection run super slow with all the Laptops, Smart Phones, PC’s, Games Consoles, Smart TV’s among other things.


It’s a great idea to connect as many devices as you can around your home with a dedicated Ethernet cable top maximise the speed and the reliability of that device. Things like PC’s, Smart TV’s and Sound Systems should be connected by a data cable to dramatically reduce to chance of buffering which can turn a pleasurable experience into a frustrating one – There is nothing more annoying than sitting down to watch Netflix or iPlayer and having to constantly wait whilst it buffers.


The same data network cables can be used to increase or extend your WIFI coverage. For larger properties a standard broadband router will struggle to cover the entire house and you will be left with blackspots. With data cabling installed throughout you’re home you easily be able to install access points to solve this problem. Instead of having to relying upon “boosters” and powerline adapters which can be temperamental at the best of times.



Reasons you should use Smart Aerials for your data cable installation in Polegate?


We are a truly local small business based in Eastbourne just down the road from Polegate, not a national company who claims to be local that you will never hear from again if you are unsure with anything to do with your system.


We have gone out of our way to supply our customers with piece of mind by voluntarily signing up to the Buy With Confidence scheme now operated by Hampshire Trading Standards and earning us the status of being Trading Standards Approved. To say this we had our business process audited and regularly monitored to see that we are fulfilling our obligations as a data cable Installation Company in Polegate – which I’m delighted to say that we are!


We do our best to constantly improve our service. I’m not saying that we are perfect 100% of the time but we are doing our best to get there. We are currently rated 9.9 out of 10 and encourage our customers to leave their own feedback there. Our membership with Checkatrade actually saw similar checks to our Buy With Confidence membership but with East Sussex County Council which again saw us earn the status of being Trading Standards Approved.


Finally I know it’s a negative to end on but we also have Public liability Cover for the value of £5,000,000 should the worst ever happen at your property.


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Computer Data Cabling Services Near Me


We supply the whole of East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent, not just only Polegate with Network Cable Installations. We also serve nearby villages and towns, Wannock, Jevington, Folkington, Willingdon, Selmeston, Chalvington, Wilmington, Alfriston, Lullington, Arlington, Caneheath, Milton Street and Berwick.