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East Sussex satellite broadband installations - Professional and expert engineers and installers

Satellite broadband installations in East Sussex

Satellite broadband installations in East Sussex, including Eastbourne, Bexhill, Hastings, Brighton, Uckfield – Your solution to poor rural broadband!

Do you live in a poor broadband area or require the use of a reliable internet connection without a telephone line? Look no further than satellite broadband.

What is it?As the name suggest satellite broadband is broadband, delivered via satellite and received/ transmitted through a satellite dish. As it is not dependent on a telephone line connection the coverage is nearly 100% of East Sussex and the UK.

Is it right for you?If your internet connection is falling short or non-existent and not handling the demands placed on it or holding back your business then the answer is YES. The system we install is the Tooway satellite broadband and delivers speeds up to 22MB download and 6Mb upload. The map shows the estimated broadband speeds in your area, the more red the dots-the bigger your need for satellite broadband! Local telephone numbers can also be supplied through the satellite dish.

Why choose Smart Aerials for your satellite internet broadband installation?

  • Aside from the great customer service and reputation for delivering only the highest installations from experienced installers. Smart Aerials have successfully passed the Tooway training gaining the status of being “Tooway certified satellite broadband installers”.