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Seaford Sky TV repairs by local expert installers and engineers

Sky TV Repairs in Seaford, East Sussex

Smart Aerials are specialists in high quality, fast, yet affordable Sky TV repairs in Seaford, East Sussex and surrounding areas. Together with being a “Trading Standards Approved” company we totally understand that when your Sky TV is not working and you’re still paying, it needs be back up and running as soon as possible.

This is why you should choose Smart Aerials over Sky for your Sky TV repair.

  • We act and respond fast. Call us, we answer or return your call promptly. No long phone call with hours on hold. We can usually fit your appointment in sooner, rather than later. Sometimes the same day. Sky themselves can have waiting times of a few weeks!
  • No upfront payment is needed to make your appointment.  You will only once the work is completed and everything is back and running as per your satisfaction.
  • Our call out is less than Sky. After speaking with numerous customers, Sky charge anything between £65-£98 for your appointment.  So in many cases we can save you money and are less expensive.
  • Our installers come utilise expensive test equipment. This does directly benefit our customers. As it is much easier to find and rectify faults, less time is required on site.
  • We are already a special heights team. Many of our customers come to us as Sky have walked away from the installation. This can be for a variety of reasons but the most common is that the satellite dish may be situated in a difficult to access location, such as high up a wall or on the roof. We are trained and insured to safely to work at heights. It would need to be very high for us to walk away.
  • No sub-contractors. All of our installers and engineers for satellite dish and Sky TV repairs in Seaford are directly employed by the company. When you pay for Smart Aerials you get Smart Aerials. Because of this we can closely monitor all the work we carry out and continue to improve our service.
  • Finally, Sky is not all we do. We are experts in aerial and satellite, home cinema and AV, telephone and data networks and CCTV. Meaning we can perform a multitude of services in one go, such as Sky multi-room and playback systems, TV wall mounting and telephone and internet extensions and so much more!