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Telephone Engineer Crowborough, East Sussex

Telephone engineer in Crowborough

If you’re thinking of upgrading your telephone and broadband system, then Smart Aerials should be your first choice. Our expert engineers offer an affordable and professional service in Crowborough and all over East Sussex. We’re an independent company who pride ourselves on diagnosing and fixing the vast majority of all telephone related problems. Lots of our business comes from customers who recommend us to their friends and family; so you can completely trust us to do a great job.

Telephone extension installations in Crowborough

Now more than ever before, the modern home often needs some extra phone sockets and new telephone points in order to stream the myriad of on-demand TV channels that are available. Getting the best service possible may well require the need to move your broadband router or connect up your TV and AV equipment via an Ethernet or network cable. A Smart Aerials qualified engineer will always find the best way to make your viewing as hassle-free as possible – without having messy wires trailing from room to room. No phone extension in your living room? No problem! We’ll put in a new one, which naturally will be professionally terminated without involving messy split cables. We know the appearance of your home is important and of course the safety of your family and the equipment is our primary concern.

Telephone system repairs

Are you experiencing any of these very common problems which often occur with a poor phone service?

  • A telephone line that buzzes so you can’t hear the caller clearly?
  • No ringing or dial tone?
  • Intermittent broadband reception?

Our skilled engineers can quickly find and diagnose the vast majority of telephone related problems that you may be experiencing. We can also fit new cables or sockets if those are needed in order to remedy the issue.  Can we match the expertise and prices of a BT engineer? Yes, we can! In fact, our thousands of happy customers would say our services are better! If we discover that the problem is with your incoming line; although we can’t work outside your property; we can advise you where the problem lies and you’ll know if you need to call your service provider. Remember, in most cases, Smart Aerials can sort it out!

Telephone point relocation Crowborough

Imagine you were putting in your phone service from scratch, and could choose where to have the telephone points installed. The chances are, they wouldn’t be where they are now! Now is a good opportunity to move them and since we can route cables through the wall and under your floorboards, it will probably be simpler than you think. We can even move the main master socket if necessary – no phone relocation job is too tricky for our skilled engineers. If other companies have told you it can’t be done, then try Smart Aerials – you’ll find it can!

We can only work on the telephones, extensions and cabling that is situated inside your property or garden; we are not allowed to work on poles or cabinets in the street.

Why choose Smart Aerials for your telephone work in Crowborough?

There’s no doubt that Smart Aerialsare the smart choice, as our thousands of satisfied customers will confirm. Call BT and you can expect to pay the best part of £150, but we pride ourselves on being affordable and fair. No job is too big or small and we are experts at neatly routing cables. The only reason you’ll know we’ve been, is because your phone and broadband are now working properly – there won’t be any mess left behind. Smart Aerials are Trading Standards Approved so you can contact us with complete confidence.

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