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Telephone Engineer Peacehaven East Sussex

Telephone engineer in Peacehaven

If you are trying to find someone to fix your home telephone and broadband in Peacehaven, then Smart Aerials are the engineers for you. We’re an independent company who pride ourselves on giving affordable and professional customer service all over East Sussex. This means that much of our work comes directly from previous customers who’ve used us and then recommended us to their friends and family.


Telephone extension installations in Peacehaven

Maybe you need your main telephone point moving from its current position to somewhere more accessible or perhaps you need some extra sockets putting in? Whatever the problem is, Smart Aerials are the smart choice. We can also offer assistance about where your broadband router should be located.  Often you can get a better service by moving it nearer to your TV as in order to stream channels like Netflix or Amazon Prime, it can help to relocate the router so that the equipment can be directly connected with an Ethernet cable. Let us take care of the best way of doing this – whether it’s via a new telephone extension or perhaps by using a network cable.

And when our engineers install a new extension for you, it will be professionally terminated. No wobbly cables dangling out of the front with doublers or treblers to split the signal. Smart Aerials will always guarantee that that both you and your precious equipment are safe.


Telephone system repairs Peacehaven, East Sussex

Do you feel that your telephone service is somewhat temperamental? We find that lots of our customers are suffering from the same old difficulties, for example a hissing noise or buzzing on the telephone line or not getting a ringing or dialing tone. Our well-informed engineers can swiftly find and diagnose the vast majority of telephone related glitches around the home. We can also fix any damaged or broken sockets and cables – and if your phone or broadband has packed up completely – then the chances are we can sort that out too.

And I’m happy to tell you that you’ll find us much cheaper than calling out a BT engineer! We can’t fix problems with the incoming telephone line before it reaches your house, so if that’s where the malfunction lies then you’ll need to contact your service provider. However, we can pinpoint the problem for you so you’ll know exactly what to do next.


Telephone point relocations, Peacehaven

Some of the places where our team have found telephone sockets are truly unbelievable! Perhaps the rooms have been redesigned since the phone was installed, meaning the position of the socket is now not suitable. And sometimes a previous engineer has decided to take the easy option. An engineer from Smart Aerials will fit your phone point exactly where you want it. Even moving the main master socket won’t worry us. This may involve routing cables through the loft space or under the floorboards, but unlike many other companies, we will always strive to find the solution which suits you best – not the one which makes life easier for us!


Please note that we can only work on the telephone cabling that is in or on your property; we cannot work on poles or cabinets in the street.


Why choose Smart Aerials for your telephone work in Peacehaven?

·        We are much less expensive than calling out BT whose engineers generally charge upwards of £150.

·        We always leave your home neat and tidy. Whether we’re routing cables via your loft, floor or wall, there won’t be any mess.

·        We are Trading Standards Approved and have over 1,000 satisfied customers.


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