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Telephone engineer in St-Leonards-on-Sea

Are you considering making some changes to your telephone and broadband system? Good idea – and our engineers at Smart Aerials are the most popular choice for St-Leonards-on-Sea and all of East Sussex. Many satisfied customers have already recommended our expert telephone and broadband engineers to their family and friends, meaning that much of our work comes from repeat business and referrals. But we’re always very pleased to take on new customers, so if you’re looking for a telephone engineer to do a professional and affordable job then Smart Aerials are the smart choice!


Telephone extension installations in St-Leonards

In today’s connected-up world, what we need from our phone systems is changing fast. In the modern home, we want to be able to connect our broadband to our TV, ensuring smooth streaming of on-demand apps like Netflix and the BBC iPlayer. This could mean that you need some more telephone points or extra sockets installed and it’s also worth considering where your broadband router is located.  We can advise you on whether you’ll get a better service by moving your router nearer to the TV or if maybe a direct connection with an Ethernet cable is the best way to go. If necessary, we can put in a new phone extension and of course it will be professionally terminated by our engineers so that it looks neat and – more importantly – is completely safe. We won’t leave you with wires hanging out of the front or messy doublers and treblers. We know your TV and AV equipment is precious and we never leave until you are completely satisfied that everything is working just the way you want it to.


Telephone system repairs in St Leonards, East Sussex

Many of us are putting up with a telephone and broadband service which has become a little bit temperamental!  Common problems that we often hear about at are:

·        Unwanted noises on the telephone line

·        Lack of a ringing or dialing tone

·        A phone or broadband service that keeps cutting out

·        Very old sockets and cables that are broken or faulty

There are very few telephone related issues around the home that our expert engineers can’t diagnose and resolve! If it turns out that the fault lies outside your property, then we’re not allowed to work on it but we can tell you when the problem is with your incoming line and how to contact your service provider. Rest assured, Smart Aerials can sort out most things, and at a fraction of the cost of calling out a BT engineer!


Telephone point relocation in St Leonards On Sea

Why not get us to move your telephone sockets to where you actually want them? Believe me, we’ve seen phone sockets plonked all over the place: too high up on the wall, too low down behind a cupboard or even underneath a bed!  It doesn’t matter if it’s an extension or the main master socket, we can move your inaccessible phone points to somewhere more convenient. And we won’t just choose the easiest solution, we’ll choose the one that works best for you, even if that means routing cables through your loft space or under the floor.


We will do everything we can to sort out your phone system, but please note that we can only work on the telephone cabling that is in or on your property; we cannot work on poles or cabinets in the street.


Why choose Smart Aerials for your telephone work in St-Leonards-on-Sea?

Smart Aerials are the smart choice for St-Leonards-on-Sea and East Sussex! We cost much, much less than BT – and because we are an independent company we will give you a much more personal service, as our many satisfied customers will confirm. Nothing is too much trouble for our expert engineers and we’re happy to re-route cables and relocate phone extensions when required. Of course, we’re Trading Standards Approved so you have complete peace of mind.

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