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Telephone engineer in Rye

Welcome to Smart Aerials! We are an independent company who provide expert and affordable telephone and broadband system engineers in Rye and all the neighbouring areas of East Sussex. We’re Trading Standards Approved and much of our work comes via our many glowing recommendations from our previous customers. This means you can totally trust us to do a professional job.


Telephone extension installations in Rye

Phone and broadband systems are becoming ever more sophisticated, and what we require from them is becoming ever more demanding. The popularity of multiple channels, apps and services such as Netflix and the iPlayer means we can choose when and what we watch. But in order to choose where we watch, you may well need to install some more telephone points around the house or extra sockets. The position of your broadband router is also something to think about.  It is often helpful to move it closer to your TV and AV equipment so that you can connect everything up via an Ethernet or network cable. There’s always a way of providing you with a good service – and Smart Aerials are the experts, so let us sort it out! We ensure that every extension we install is properly terminated so there won’t be any loose wires or cables. This gives a neat finish and of course it’s much safer too.


Rye Telephone system repairs

Have you been putting with an annoying crackle on your phone line for years? Or perhaps you find that sometimes your phone service is intermittent or you can’t hear the caller because of an irritating buzz? Maybe you’re not getting a ringtone – or the dial tone is inaudible? These are all very common problems and our experienced team at Smart Aerials will certainly be able to sort them out for you! We can also repair and replace any damaged sockets or broken cables you may have. Being independent means we’re cheaper too – so you’ll find that we’re more affordable than calling out a BT engineer. If it turns out that the problem lies with your incoming phone line, unfortunately we won’t be able to fix it as we are not allowed to work outside your property. However, we can locate the fault and advise you if it’s necessary to contact your service provider. In the vast majority of cases, our engineers can diagnose and solve the problem!


Telephone point relocation Rye, East Sussex

If you’ve always wanted a landline phone extension in your kitchen or bedroom, then let our engineers put one in! It doesn’t matter where the master socket is – our team can route new cables through the wall or under the floorboards – and we’ll always do a neat and professional job. No hassle and no mess, our engineers always clear up afterwards! We can even move the main master socket if you need us to, so it’s in a place that suits you. Previous home improvements or room redesigns can often mean that your phone points can end up being somewhat inaccessible, so let’s move them! Smart Aerials can only work on the telephone cabling that is in or on your property; we can’t work on poles or cabinets in the street.


Why choose Smart Aerials for your telephone work in Rye?

·        We’re much more affordable than calling out BT which can cost you up to £150!

·        We’ll tackle anything  – no task is too tricky. By carefully routing your phone cables through the walls or under the floorboards you’ll always get a professional finish.

·        We have over 1,000 happy customers and are Trading Standards Approved.

·        Smart Aerials are the smart choice – call us today!



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