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If you’re looking for an expert WIFI installation company in
Hailsham, East Sussex to come and install you a super-fast and super reliable
wireless internet connection you have come to the right place. Please do not be
deterred by our trading name Smart Aerials are a team of WIFI installation
experts who can install you a WIFI system capable of keeping up with the
demands at your home or business location.


If you’re in the property or hospitality sector you will
already know that when the internet connection doesn’t work or is running slow
that this is less forgivable to your tenants or guests as a leak! Providing
your residents and guests with fast broadband connection will do so much to
keep them happy (and off your back). Don’t let your business be the business
that receives poor online feedback scores all because of a slow WIFI signal!


If you’re looking for a fast WIFI connection for your home
which is an absolute must if you have kids who will need a fast internet signal
in all of your rooms of your house with all of the mobile devices that there
are out there these day such as smart phones, tablets and laptops that exist now
days. Not to mention games consoles, smart TV’s, PC’s among other things that
may be connected to your Wireless LAN network.


Super-Fast Wireless Internet Service in Hailsham, East Sussex


There are some many wireless internet and WIFI related
services that we can help you with in Hailsham, Hellingly and Herstmoneux which
include the following but not limited to:


Access point installations

Free roaming and long distance WIFI systems

Outdoor WIFI

Home Internet & WIFI set ups

Hub & wireless switch installations

Powerline systems


If you just have a simple job like setting up your new
broadband router for you and connected you to the internet we can do that too,
we can even change you WIFI SSID and password to something you can easily
remember meaning you do not have to keep wondering around looking for the card
with the details for the WIFI.


WIFI Access Point Installation in Hailsham


If you live in a large building you will already know that
you WIFI signal will not reach everywhere within your property leaving you with
blackspots and places where you can’t access the wireless network. You could
try moving your broadband router to a central location with a telephone
extension but this would rarely work. Alternatively you could use some
powerline extenders which can be temperamental at the best of times. Or you
could have a professionally installed WIFI installation that allows you to
freely roam throughout your property and stay the whole time via access points
which act like a secondary wireless signal for you to connect to.


For properties where having a reliable WIFI signal is of the
utmost importance like Hotels, B&B’s, HMO’s, student accommodation, flats
and so on you could give have access points installed throughout your property
some serious consideration.


With the installation of “clever” access points like the
ones we install you can roam across your property and as one access point
starts to become weak the further you drift away from it, the next access point
will notice that it is now the strongest signal and your wireless device will
automatically connect to it, this happens so quick that you won’t even notice.


Long Distance Point to Point WIFI Installations


Wouldn’t it be great if that building or out house that you
have could get the WIFI signal from your first building? What if I told you
that you can? And you don’t need to dig trenches or install overhead cables for
wires to be installed.


Well it is possible, with the installation of one or more
small outdoor point to point antennas we can install you a wireless internet
system where the internet signal is beamed wirelessly from building to
building. This can be repeated time and time again sending an internet signal
so the same broadband connection can be used to serve multiple properties all
from the same broadband connection. The same type of connection can be used to
connect offices from other sides of the roads making them all connected to the
same LAN.


Why Smart Aerials for your own WIFI Set Up & Distribution Service in


When you book an appointment with us we always give you an accurate
time as when to expect us. We give you a
as we know that your time is valuable and you don’t want to waste
your day waiting around wondering if and when we will turn up. No 8am-8pm
appointments with us! (They always get me, surely they should have a better
idea as to when they will turn up) If the eventuality because of un-foreseen
circumstances that we are going to be late we will contact you in good time you
let you know exactly what time to expect us.


We are a WIFI installation company serving Hailsham that
cares around our customer’s experience. We always strive to continually improve
our service and when we complete your work we do not forget about you and we
follow us to make sure that you are 100% happy with the service that you have


Finally if you were still unsure please check what our
customers are saying. We encourage our customers to leave reviews of our
service on Google.


Call Smart Aerials today for your own WIFI installation on 01323 332380


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Altought this page has been aimed at people looking for a
WIFI installation company in Hailsham we also regularly serve the whole of East
Sussex including local nearby areas to Hailsham:


Hellingly, Lower Dicker, Upper Dicker, The Dicker,
Chalvington, Golden Cross, Magham Down, Stunts Green, Cowbeech, Herstmonceux,
Windmill Hill, Boreham Street, Bodle Street Green, Wartling, Horsebridge and
all the towns surrounding and in between as well as the entire BN27 postcode