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WIFI Distribution Installation & Set Up Hastings

Are you looking for a superfast WIFI installation in Hastings, East Sussex that is both reliable and able to keep up with the demands placed upon it? Relax we have the system for you. We can install for you WIFI that can cover entire multi story properties or cover and reach great distances.


Here at Smart Aerials we specialise in long distance and reliable WIFI and wireless internet services for both residential and commercial properties for private and business customers. If you have an office, a large home or property, a HMO, a block of flats, student accommodation, serviced accommodation then you will already know importance of a reliable WIFI connection. People tend to be more forgiving these days over a leaking tap than a poor internet connection, set yourself apart from the crowd and get a super fast WIFI system in Hastings, Including St Leonards On Sea and Fairlight.


Fast Wireless Internet services in Hastings, East Sussex


We can help you with a multitude of related services which includes the following:


Home WIFI and router set up service

Access points

Long distance WIFI and free roaming WIFI

Outdoor WIFI and Internet

Hub set up


WIFI Access Point Installation Hastings


When you’re in a large property you will already know that you standard wireless connection from your broadband router is never going to reach the lengths and breadths of the property leaving you with blackspots and thus a very poor internet speed or no internet connection at all! Disaster!


There a few things that could be done here, you could install a broadband booster with your fingers crossed that everything will go away, you could install powerline extenders which can be temperamental at the best of times or you can go straight to the solution saving your time, money and sanity in the process.


Here at Smart Aerials we specialise in WIFI distribution in Hastings where you can take all of your wireless devices connect once and roam freely throughout the property where the access points we install automatically detect a stronger signal and will switch to the stronger signal without you realising – you will be too busy enjoying a great WIFI signal. So whether you want to use your Smart Phone, your tablet or Laptop you could potentially enter any room in the house and get a great WIFI signal.


Home WIFI Set Up in Hastings, East Sussex


If you are just having trouble setting up your new broadband router or hub and can’t connect it to the internet we can do this for you too. If your router is not in the right room we can move this for you. Typically in the past telephone master sockets where installed in the hallway as this was where people used to make their phone calls. Now days it’s much more popular to get them in the lounge or install them out of site which we can also do.


If you’re broadband and WIFI speed is running very slow we also offer a broadband optimisation service where we can optimise your speed as much as is possible. We can also change the wireless SSID and passwords to something remember able so you will never have to reach for the password again. Again this is perfect for hotels, Bed and breakfasts, HMO’s, Student accommodation and business premises.


Long Distance Point to Point WIFI installation Hastings


Now this is a very common problem and people do not always realise there is a solution. You may have neighbouring buildings and out houses that require a good internet connection. You could spend weeks digging up the ground to install a cable or hire a digger to save time but increase costs or you could beam the internet signal wirelessly from building to building.


This works by installing one or more small unobtrusive dish antennas with a line of site of each other that will beam the signal point to point creating a super-fast wireless connection from the original broadband connection.


Why Smart Aerials for WIFI distribution Installation?


We are experienced Internet and WIFI installing specialists. All of our fitters, engineers and WIFI expert installers are punctual, tidy, clean, on time, personable and great at what they do.


We won’t leaving you around wondering when we will turn up, certainly in the days where businesses’ will offer you a 8am-8pm appointment. Not us we will give you a one hour appointment time slot which we will do our absolute utmost to keep to. If in the eventuality something unforeseen happens we will contact you with plenty of notice to inform you when we will be there.


Our reputation is very important to us which is why we joined the Buy With Confidence scheme earning us the status of being Trading Standards Approved. We are also members with Checkatarde.com so all of our customers have the opportunity to leave public feedback of our service on their reputable and prominent site. We currently are rated over 9.9 out of 10. I’m not saying that we are 9.9/10 as improving our service is a constant goal of ours but what it does show is that we are keeping our customers happy.


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Expert WIFI Company Near Me – Hastings


As well as providing WIFI installations in Hastings we also regularly serve nearby areas St Leonards On Sea, Rye, Fairlight, Pett, Pett Level, Guestling Thorn, Westfield, Ore, St Helens and all the other towns and villages in between as well as the whole of East Sussex.