Best Brands/ Manufacturers of TV Wall Brackets/ Mounts

March 11, 2022

Recommended Manufacturers/ Brands of TV Wall Mounts/ Brackets

If you’re thinking about mounting your TV to the wall you’re inevitable left with the choice of what TV bracket to buy. I have already written a blog titled ‘What TV bracket do I need?’ which I recommend that you read when you’re done here, but inevitably you’re going to be left with a choice of which make/ manufacturer you should opt for and which are the best. Below I have listed all of the TV wall mounting manufacturers that I have experience with, and which are my favourites as an installer of such equipment. Naturally with most things you get what you pay for so although you may find something similar online for a fraction of the cost, I recommend getting a good bracket and this is especially true for full motion and tilting TV wall brackets. By following the recommendations below you can’t go far wrong. Let’s begin.


Best – Sanus (In My Opinion)

If you have read some of my blogs on hanging TV’s on walls and TV installations, you will already know that I love Sanus mounting brackets. In all honesty, you can’t go wrong with them, their brackets even look good and often on packaging box you often find the slogan “You will love this mount” or something along those lines. All of their brackets are super-friendly to install and they have usually thought of most things. To be honest, for normal flat to wall TV mounts I wouldn’t use a Sanus bracket as they could a bit more when all you’re looking for is for something to hold the TV in place but for larger TV’s. tilting wall brackets and full motion TV wall mounts which allow the bracket to move in multiple directions I would nearly always choose a Sanus bracket.


According to the Sanus website, they are a company based in the USA and is a division of Legrand AV.


Recommended Sanus Brackets

Sanus MF215 – 13-39” small full motion TV wall bracket

Sanus VMT5 – 37-55” tilting TV wall bracket

Sanus VLF525-EX 51-70” – Large TV full motion TV wallbracket


Sanus Stocklists/ retailers

You can usually find Sanus wall brackets at the following wholesalers. Some of these only offer a limited range so you may need to order the particular bracket that you want online.

Currys/ PC World


Richer Sounds

Sanus website -



Perhaps my second most common wall bracket I install is B-Tech. I typically only use a few of their brackets as I would usually opt fora Sanus bracket but their range is very good also. Again, they are easy to install and make for a nice robust mount. I will just say however, that some of their brackets utilise a fixing which requires a security-allen-key to be able to tighten/ undo the fixings, this type of key has a small hole in the head. This is fine when installing the brackets as they provide a couple with the mount itself but I advise keeping it safe should you need it in the future as normal allen keys can’t be used


The international head office for B-Tech is in the Midlands, UK but it also has offices in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Dubai, China, Vietnam and Singapore. B-Tech also has it’s products branded as Mountlogic, Pro-install, System 2 and Ventry.

Recommended B-Tech Brackets

B-Tech 7515 – 42” – Medium full motion wall bracket

B-Tech 8431 – 55” – Medium/ large tilting TV wall bracket

B-Tech 8225 – 39-75” – Large full motion wall bracket


B-Tech Retailer & Stocklists

B-Tech wall brackets can be purchased from the following places,I must admit after doing some research that most of the main electrical stores do not stock them so you will most likely need to order the bracket online.

CPC Farnell

Alltrade (Trade only)

B-Tech website -



The Ventry range is also B-Tech but I have included separately as it is a bit more of a budget option, there are a wide range of brackets that are not quite as good as those specifically marketed as B-Tech but still pretty good. I confess I use some Ventry flat-to-wall TV brackets as they are still good quality and not required to do anything fancy.

Recommended Ventry TV Brackets

Ventry BTV 500 – Small/ medium flat to wall TV mount

Ventry BTV 510 – Medium/ large flat to wall TV mount

Ventry BTV 501 – Medium tilting TV wall mount.



Invision is another brand I recommend. I rarely supply these on my installations as I would either install a Sanus or B-Tech bracket and my main suppliers do not actually stock this brand but I frequently install these when customers have provided their own brackets and have been impressed with the quality of some of these.


I have to say of all of the research I have performed on different wall bracket manufacturers I was most won over by Invision and I might start making an effort to buy their products in the future or ask my suppliers to stock them. According to the Invision website, the company was setup by an engineer, Mark Rodmell in 2009 after he was unhappy with existing brackets on the market. The company is based in Manchester, UK and offers a whopping 25-year warranty on their brackets which is the longest by far that I have come across. Of all the brackets Invision is perhaps the best value for money in terms of cost.

Recommended Invision Wall Brackets

Invision HDTV-M – 26-42” – Small/ medium full motion wall bracket

Invision HDTV – DXL – 37-70 – Medium/ large full motion TVwall bracket


Invision Stocklists & Retailers

I couldn’t find many places to purchase Invision wall brackets so you would very likely need to order these off the internet from the following places:

Invison website


Invision website URL -



This is another reputable manufacturer of TV brackets, to be honest I rarely ever install these as they are higher end/relatively-expensive to buy meaning my customers rarely provide them and my suppliers do not stock them but when I have, I have always been very impressed with the quality.


The company advertises on their website that they initially opened for trading in 1941 so you would expect them to have learnt a thing or two over the years with their first TV mount for a CRT TV released in 1965 –some people did used to install these on the wall!  They started selling flat-screen mounts for TV’s/ monitors back in 2003. The head office for the EMEA region is in Germany, but it also has offices in Germany, France, UAE, UK as well as the USA.

Recommended Peerless TV Mounts

Peerless ST640P – 32-50” – Medium tilting TV wall bracket

Peerless SA752PU – 37-55” – Medium full motion TV wallbracket

Peerless SUA771PU – 42-90” – Medium/ large full motion wallmount

Peerless Retailers

Peerless is another manufacturer that can only be easily purchased in a small number of places, a range of their brackets can be found at the following:

Richer Sounds

Midwich (Trade only)

Peerless website -



Vogels is dutch company which is a very good manufacturer of TV wall brackets, the sell a wide variety of brackets inc some motorised brackets and other high-end applications. I rarely install them as I would usually install one of the other manufacturers mentioned. But you can’t go wrong with their brackets and I have always been impressed with their brackets when I have installed them.

Recommended Vogels Wall Mounts

Vogels WALL 3415 – 43” – Small/ medium wall motion wall bracket

Vogels THIN 445 – 55” – Medium full motion TV wall bracket

Vogels WALL 3205 – 32-55” – Medium flat to wall TV bracket


Vogels Stocklists and Retailers

Vogels wall mounts can be purchased from the following suppliers.

John Lewis

Richer Sounds

Vogels website -

Best Places To Buy TV Wall Brackets

Beneath are some of the best places to buy the brackets mentioned in this blog, naturally with the internet there will be loads of other places but these are the best places that I have found.

Currys/ PC World


Richer Sounds

CPC Farnell

John Lewis



Amazon UK

Amazon US

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