BT Vision and Freesat with Sky magic eye

March 11, 2022
Tom Smart
Picture of BT Vision

How to make Sky remote magic eye work with BT Vision and Freesat


So you have finally had enough of Sky prices hikes, the promotional period has finished and you can’t use threaten to leave to get yourself another 6 months at a discounted price. So, you have found the answer – BT Vision. It’s everything Sky used to be and more and so on.


But the problem is when the salesman on the lines at BT Vision sold you the service he didn’t check to see whether you had your Sky signal playing back to another room so you could view it and change the channel. BT installer shows up and installs your great new box and everything is fine and dandy… Until you go to use the TV in the bedroom which no longer works, so retune the TV, nothing, check the remote eye, no light, you call back BT who now say that you can’t have the magic eye with their system – WRONG.


Of course, I’m just building up the tension here but this is a real issue I come across regularly.


Now what we are going to have to do to get your magic eye working again is install an add on unit that will replace the functions that the old Sky box used to provide.


You will need to purchase a SCART to RF modulator, there are load of these on the market but we also need one that will supply DC power up the cable towards the eye. I recommend the Triax Tri-Link modulator which also come with an additional magic eye if required. Of course, you will also need to make sure that your BT Vision or Freesat box has a SCART socket so that this can be done. If it doesn’t you will, you will either need to purchase a SCART to phono adapter cable of some form or some form of HDMI to RF conversion unit. If the box only has a HDMI output then I would suggest purchasing a HDMI modulator or look to install a separate HDMI- CAT5 extender sets, but I will save this for another blog.


1)      Not 100% necessary, but where possible check the RF output of the Sky box you are replacing. This will save having to go around and retune all the TV’s. You do this by accessing the hidden installer menu, you do this by pressing ‘Services’, 0,0,1 and then ‘Select’. Make a note of the number. Factory present is channel 68.


2)      Install the modulator referring to installers instructions, all models are different ensuring that the DC output leg is connected to the cable that used to be connected to the RF2 output on the Sky box. Chances are the plug may be the wrong type so you may have to replace this with an F connector or purchase an adapter/ lead. If you are unsure how to prepare a coaxial cable for an F connector watch video 3 in our DIY series which can be found here.


If this has all been done right then, the remote magic eye in your second room or rooms will have the red LED shining again.


3)      Set the RF output channel to that on the old Sky box if known.


4)      Place IR emitter in front of new BT Vision or Freesat box, you may need to do some investigation as to where is needs to go exactly or spend some time moving it in position and then going and testing with your remote in the second room. This may take some time but once you have found the sweet spot stick it down in place.


5)      If you did not know the RF output on the old Sky box then you need to give the TV and re tune ensuring that you do this on the TV’s analogue setting as this is how this type of link works.


6)      Enjoy your TV. As before you will be able to view and access all programmes, recordings and On Demand content if applicable like you did with the Sky box.


I hope that this works for you, if you have any issues with this please leave your feedback in the comments section beneath and I will do my best to assist you.


If you would just like a professional to do this and you are in Sussex and Southern Kent then please do contact us and we will get this all set up for you, no fuss!

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