How Much Should A TV Wall Mount Installation Cost?

March 11, 2022
Tom Smart
TV Wall Mounting Installation In East Sussex

How Much Does TV Wall Mount Installation Cost?


If you’re looking for a professional TV wall mounting installation are unsure what goes into a TV wall mounting installation and what it should cost, this blog has all the answers for you! We do in depth into all the variables which could affect your TV wall mount price and quotes you’re being given. It will give you insider knowledge, so if you read the whole thing you should be able to decipher the value for yourself.


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What Will Affect Your TV Wall Mounting Installation Price?


The Bracket


I have begun here at it’s the most obvious place to start. The mount you choose will affect the cost of your TV wall mounting installation. Not AV companies who provide TV hanging services will do this, but we include a high quality fixed TV wall mounting bracket with all of our installation packages. We do this as it helps us be as efficient as possible and it helps regularly using same bracket as no time is spent messing about figuring how the thing assembles and attaches to the TV and also helps us ensure a quality, reliable mount every time.


Aside from whether your TV wall mounting quote itself contains a TV a bracket to start with or whether it is an optional extra or if you have to provide your own, which seems bizarre to me but some companies do this. In regards to the TV bracket itself, the following will affect the cost of this.


Quality of The TV Mounting Bracket


TV mounts come in a wide variety of qualities. I would never recommend using a cheap one as for one it could ruin the appearance of your TV mounting installation and two, not worth the worry if it is good enough to safely secure your TV to the wall. I say this from experience, there are many TV brackets that are being sold that are not fit for purpose, it may say on the box that it is good enough and can support the size and weight of your screen but I wouldn’t always trust this. This is extra important where your TV mount has moving parts, like tilting wall brackets and full motion wall brackets do. It also doesn’t make sense to go out and spend £1000 pounds on a new TV only to use the cheapest bracket available. It doesn’t always go down as intended, but where our clients sometimes want to provide their own bracket instead of us providing one often we will only agree to the installation if they can provide us with the make and model of the bracket so we can be assured that it is the customers interest for them to use it to fix their TV to the wall.

Manufacturers of brackets we use are Sanus & B-Tech which I am personally happy to vouch for quality. They are not the cheapest on the market but something I am happy to provide and recommend to our customers. Although we rarely provide them ourselves, Peerless also do a good quality TV wall bracket range.


Aside from the actual quality of your TV mounting bracket, the type of TV wall mounting bracket you require will also affect your TV hanging cost. The most common types are fixed, tilting and full motion wall brackets.


Fixed TV Mounting Brackets


The most popular TV bracket, a fixed bracket does as the same suggests secures the TV to the wall in a fixed position. There are actually many different types of fixed mounting brackets but I won’t go down that rabbit hole as it is unlikely to hugely affect your TV wall mounting quotes. A Fixed bracket is usually the cheapest option but, in my opinion, usually looks the best for when you’re only watching the TV in a single location as you can usually get the TV very close to the wall which helps create a eye pleasing result and better conceal the connecting cables. It was common in the past to install a tilting bracket instead of a fixed mount to angle towards your viewing position as with some older screen technologies, when you were not looking at the screen straight on it would appear very dark and difficult to see. A tilting wall bracket will help in situations like this but is not always necessary with modern back lit LED TV’s.


Tilting Wall Brackets


A tilting wall bracket will allow the wall mounted TV to be angled down of up to your viewing position. This can help to create optimum viewing angles for when a TV is installed high up on all wall. Which is very common with wall mounting screens in bedrooms and TV’s mounted above fireplaces. This also can really help when you have a slightly older flat screen TV that appears dark or faded when you’re not looking directly straight. A tilting TV wall bracket can also help when you need to get rid of annoying light reflections which may be coming from sunlight through windows or for when you need to fit something behind the TV, like a plug point for the TV itself as typically the TV bracket to allow for the tilting action will naturally sit further away from the wall.


Some of the higher quality TV wall mounts, like the Sanus tilting wall brackets will still only sit a few millimetres away from the wall when not in a tilting position.


Full Motion Wall Brackets


A full motion TV mounting bracket allows the TV to be rotated around and moved in different directions away from the wall. The cost of a full motion wall bracket can range dramatically between manufacturers and this is something you should not look to save money on, as many of the cheaper brackets can really fall off level when extended out which can look awful and make actually getting the TV into an acceptable and agreeable “level” TV position a nightmare.


Aside from the quality of the TV mounting manufacturer, there are also a wide range of differences of between full motion wall brackets, these include:


Single or double arm movement


A single arm full motion wall bracket will only usually pivot in one of two places, this means that you do not have much freedom of movement. Personally, I do waste time with them and opt for a double arm mount as this will give you a greater freedom of movement.


How far it extends away from the wall


This is particularly important to note if you need to rotate the TV at a right angle or close to the wall as the bracket will need to extend far enough away from the wall to allow this. Not all brackets will allow you to extend far enough to do this so this is something you will need to check if it’s something you desire and you should never trust the TV box itself if it says it’s correct for your size of TV.


The Size Of the TV


The size of the TV you would like to mount to wall can affect your TV wall mounting price. This can be because a smaller TV can be safely mounted with one professional installer, whereas larger TV’s and heavier TV’s will often require two TV installers to safely lift it and secure it in position. Another reason why this may affect the cost of your installation is because often extra techniques may be required to safely mount your TV to the wall. Like plywood installed behind plasterboard or specialist fixings may be required.


It is also worth noting that generally speaking larger TV’s just take longer to mount, from getting the TV itself out of the box to fixing the bracket to the TV.


Finally, the brackets required for larger TV’s generally cost more than that of those required for smaller TVs. This is particularly evident on full motion wall brackets where there could be a hundred of pounds difference between your TV wall mounting quotes.


Type Of Wall


The type of wall you want the TV mounted to the wall can also affect the cost of your TV mounting installation. Some of the differences include solid wall which are of brick/ plaster, dry-lined walls which is plasterboard stuck on top of brickwork and stud walls which are hollow walls where plasterboard is secured to wooden or metal studs. Each different type requires different fixings and different fixing techniques and many TV wall mounting companies will refuse to mount TV’s to plasterboard walls, but please let me re-assure you that there is nothing to fear if it has been done correctly. We have written a previous blog onto how to safely secure TV’s to stud walls which you can read for yourself here:


There are also some other scenarios which could affect the cost of your TV wall mounting price, for example we recently mounted a TV onto a curved stud wall. We did this by creating a plywood base fixed into the stud work which we secured the TV to. This increased the cost of the installation.


The Connecting Cables


This is the part of the installation which can take the most time, you many require the connecting cables to be managed within trunking or you may want them routed into the wall. We have actually separated our TV wall mounting installation packages based on how our customers would like the connecting cables managed and I have used this as an example as top what could be affecting your TV mounting estimates and quotes. Here are some of the options when it comes to cable management:


No Cable Management


This is what we refer to as our Bronze TV wall mounting package. If the cables are already in place or if the customer just wants the TV physically secured to the wall, no cable management is required and it will cost less than those who do want the cables tidied somehow.




The cables can be managed within PVC or decorative trunking. With our Silver TV wall mounting package trunking is included to hide the trunking away. There are also some fancy look trunking like the D-Line range which is half round and can really look quite nice.


Cables Routed Behind Plasterboard


Obviously, this can only be achieved on plasterboard walls and not solid walls. We have a package which we call the Silver+ package, this includes routing the cables behind the plasterboard which can create a seamless result. Our Silver+ package has all the benefits of our Gold package but because it’s far easier to achieve the “all cables hidden” result we charge less for this type of installation.


Cables Chased Into Brick


This is known as our Gold TV wall mounting installation, to hide all of the cables for your TV wall mounting installation on brick work a channel will need to be chased into your wall in which the cables can then sit in. Once this has been filled, sanded and painted if required, it can create a thoroughly eye pleasing result. For straight vertical chasing or horizontal chasing, I recommend install chasing slightly deeper where possible so a piece of trunking cab be lost in the wall. This will make the future routing of cables far easier than if you hadn’t done it for not a lot of extra work. Failing this you should put in extra cables to cover future eventualities where different or extra cables may be required, this is usually just extra HDMI cables, optical cable etc.


Moving Of Mains Power Point Or Not?


Obviously when the TV goes up on the wall it needs to be plugged into power while it is up there, if you are fortunate there will be power up there in position which is very common with a lot of ne builds these days where they anticipate that the TV will be installed on the wall. If you’re not so fortunate then you will need to make arrangements for the power, sometimes the lead on or with the TV will long enough, if not you could put a longer one in, we keep 3m and 5m figure 8 mains cables, cloverleaf cables, IEC kettle leads and general electrical flex cable and plugs and trailing sockets on the can should power arrangements be required.


Again, in my opinion however. It is probably the best course of action where possible to install a mains electrical point or fused spur up behind the TV. This may change the cost of your TV wall mounting installation and a lot of AV companies may rely on a third-party electrician to carry out the work or refuse to do this altogether. If there is a nearby mains point, that itself is not already a spur and part of the electrical ring main then it should be too much extra on your price. To do this however may also involve a bit of extra work where there are no nearby mains points or the ring main has to be altered. I recommend contacting a qualified electrician if you’re unsure about this.


How Good The TV Installation Company Is


There are lots of other generic qualities that apply to all tradesmen, like being punctual, polite and courteous so I’m not going to be naming these but rather focus on TV wall mounting qualities that I believe a professional TV installing company should have.

This is my personal opinion but I believe a good TV Installation Company Should:


Be experienced with fixing TV’s to a multiple of different surfaces and the be good a routing of cables.

Have a wide variety of stock on the van should extra-long leads be required, like longer HDMI leads, power leads and other general AV leads like SCART cables, phono cables and optical audio cables.

Have dust sheets, cleaning equipment and a hoover on the van. Having a hoover on the van is especially important when chasing walls as lots of dust can be kicked out during this process.

Be able to send two installers for the installation of large TV’s.

Have a good knowledge of audio visual systems as simply fixing the TV to the wall is often not enough, the installer needs to be able to also connect and set up any systems you may have also like surround systems and sound bars etc.

Be prepared to either source the TV wall mounting bracket for you or assist you in purchasing the optimum bracket for your needs.

Be able to make arrangements for power should this be needed to mount the TV on the wall.


How Many TV Installers Are Sent To Do The Installation


Some companies will only allow or price for one installer to carry out your TV wall mounting installation. Whilst I understand that it is not always to send and organise two installers to come and wall mount your TV, especially for sole traders who may have to rely on subcontractors. I would definitely suggest that you check how many people will be installing your TV when you are collecting TV wall mounting quotes.


I wouldn’t say that it is always necessary for two installers for install a hang a TV on a wall, small TV’s nowadays are very light and easy to lift. But if your TV is above 50”, this is probably a task that should be completed and lifted onto the TV wall mounting bracket with two people.


Adequate Public Liability Cover


You might be happy as the customer to help your TV installer to lift the TV into position, but you should never be put into a position where you’re expected to and please also be mindful that you’re unlikely to be covered by their public liability insurance, assuming that they have liability cover in the first place! It would be a very expensive mistake if anything was to go wrong with your TV wall mounting installation with no adequate cover in place and please also be aware that not all tradesmen’s insurance covers accidents with TV’s like TV’s falling off walls!




You may just assume that you pay 20% every time you hire a tradesmen but this isn’t always the case. But this isn’t true. Traders are only legally bound to charge VAT on their services and products when they surpass the VAT threshold which is based on turnover which is currently around £85,000,000 (2018). As soon as the installing company surpasses the VAT threshold they have to add an extra 20% on their invoices to their customers. A lot of smaller companies will do everything possible to stay under the VAT threshold as to remain competitive so it’s worth checking whether the quotes you are collecting for TV services contain VAT, have VAT added on top or contain no VAT at all. Just bear in mind, when using a non VAT registered company that as they grow and their turnover increases, it’s likely too that the TV wall mounting installer will need to charge you VAT also should you return back to them at a later date.


TV Wall Mounting Prices – Including Fixed Wall Bracket – From £105+VAT


Because there are so many prices to quote and so many variables that can affect your TV wall mounting price. We have done everything possible to simplify this process with our TV wall mounting packages. Here are some typical prices for our installations. It is worth noting also that we are a VAT registered company based in the South East of the UK, all of these prices contain a fixed TV wall mounting bracket but do not include extra-long AV cables and the moving of mains electrical points.


TV wall mounting installation, fixed wall mount & no cable management. £105+VAT

TV wall mounting installation, fixed wall mount & cables managed within trunking £130+VAT

TV wall mounting installation, fixed wall mount & cables routed behind plasterboard - £155+VAT

TV wall mounting installation, fixed wall mount & cables chased into wall - £225+VAT


In the price lists below you can see the difference in pricing between our Bronze, Silver, Silver+ and Gold TV wall mounting packages together with different mounting brackets and prices for different sized TV’s.


Bronze Mounting Package (no cable management)


TV Size                 Fixed                     Tilting                   Full Motion

Under 31”           £105+VAT            £120+VAT            £150+VAT

32”-41”                £115+VAT            £130+VAT            £170+VAT

42”-49”                £125+VAT            £140+VAT            £195+VAT

50”-64”                £135+VAT            £150+VAT            £215+VAT


Silver Mounting Package (cables managed within trunking)


TV Size                 Fixed                     Tilting                   Full Motion

Under 31”           £125+VAT            £140+VAT            £170+VAT

32”-41”                £135+VAT            £150+VAT            £190+VAT

42”-49”                £145+VAT            £160+VAT            £205+VAT

50”-64”                £155+VAT            £170+VAT            £245+VAT


Silver+ Wall Mounting Package (cables routed behind plasterboard)


TV Size                 Fixed                     Tilting                   Full Motion

Under 31”           £145+VAT            £160+VAT            £190+VAT

32”-41”                £155+VAT            £170+VAT            £210+VAT

42”-49”                £165+VAT            £180+VAT            £235+VAT

50”-64”                £175+VAT            £190+VAT            £265+VAT


Gold Wall Mounting Package (cables chased into solid wall)


TV Size                 Fixed                     Tilting                   Full Motion

Under 31”           £225+VAT            £240+VAT            £250+VAT

32”-41”                £235+VAT            £250+VAT            £270+VAT

42”-49”                £245+VAT            £260+VAT            £295+VAT

50”-64”                £265+VAT            £270+VAT            £325+VAT


As you can see from this blog, there is more to TV wall mounting installations than meets the eye. A lot of installations are done so completely bespoke so it would be difficult to tell absolutely what the installation will cost as there are so many variables. Hopefully from the content of this article however you will be able to decipher value for yourself. If you have any questions, I would be delighted to help. Please LEAVE A COMMENT in the section below and I will get back to you in the soonest.


Alternatively, if you are in the market for TV services in East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent please do get in touch and we would be delighted to discuss your TV installation.


Until next time,


Tom Smart

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