Sony Smart TV Keeps Loosing Internet Connection

March 11, 2022

Sony Smart TV Internet/ WIFI Connection Keeps Dropping Out


I attended a call out this week for a customer that had no end of trouble with his internet connection keep dropping out on his Smart TV. The problem that he was experiencing was that the internet connection kept dropping out every 30 minutes, literally to the minute.


The TV shop that he had purchased the TV from were not interested and said that he must go direct to the manufacturer, so he had reported the issue been to Sony who had taken the TV away and made a repair. Prior to this the firmware had been updated on the TV. Neither of which fixed the issue and the dropping out of the internet signals every 30 minutes persisted. The next point of call was his internet provider who tested the phoneline and said that everything was fine, they also provided him with a new Sky router just to be sure which also didn’t fix the issue. The WIFI connection was replaced with a wired Ethernet connection which made difference at all.


How The Issue Was Fixed


Before I begin with how this particular issue was fixed I just want to make you aware that there could be a multitude of reasons why your Sony Smart TV is loosing it's internet connection, so this may or may not work in your case.

I was successful in fixing the issue by logging into the router interface through a web browser and inside the LAN settings disabling the IPv6 setting. This was done by un-checking the ticked box. It’s important to note that the WAN IPv6 settings were not changed, I wouldn’t advise that you do that if you’re trying for yourself. Initially when I had done this the TV lost and internet connection altogether as it was trying to connect with an IPv6 address so I had to completely reset the TV and set up again. I waited around afterwards for a period of time and this fixed the issue, I have also had it reported back to me that there have been no further issues with the system.


Why the TV works fine on IPv4 but not IPv6 is likely a firmware issue with the TV that is likely to be resolved at a later date. After doing some research online it seems that it’s many of the Sony Bravia and Android TV’s that are affected with this particular issue.


Step By step guide


To do this yourself, please follow the directions below. Please note that these are generic and the make/ model of your broadband router could change some of the steps that you need to take.

1-     On the router itself, look for the login details. On it you should have a default IP address for the router together with a username and login. These are usually with your WIFI SSID and password.

IP address is usually something like – or

The default username/ password is very regularly just – admin/ admin.

2-     Open a web browser and enter the router IP address. Enter this direct into the web browser and not a search engine.

3-     On router login screen enter username/ password.

4-     Navigate to LAN settings. This is usually in a heading but it may also be in an advanced settings menu.

5-     Turn IPv6 on your LAN side.

6-     Save settings. It usually power cycles the equipment at this stage which can take 5 minutes or so.

7-     If necessary, reset the TV network connection and connect to the internet again. You may need to factory reset the TV to do this as I had to with this particular set up.


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