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March 11, 2022

How To Get Turkish Satellite TV In UK


If you’re familiar with our previous blogs & articles you may have come across information on how to receive French, German, Polish, Spanish & Italian satellite TV in the UK. Here is the next edition, how to receive Turkish TV in the UK. In this blog I discuss required dish size, where to point the satellite dish & some of the Turkish packages/ services currently available in UK. Before I begin please be aware that the info in this blog is true to the best of my knowledge & experience at the time of writing it. As time passes by some of it may need updating and no longer apply. If you notice anything like this please just drop a comment in the blog comments section at the bottom and I will do my best to get the latest information to you.


What Satellites For Turkish TV In The UK? 

There are a few different satellites & orbital positions for TV from Turkey here in the UK, of them all and by far the one with the most channels and the one I would recommend is Turksat at 42E. This satellite has the greatest range of free Turkish TV channels that you can receive with a satellite dish in England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales. Second to this I would advise Eutelsat at 7E which has several free unencytpted services and the Digiturk package. The following satellites also have a handful of Turkish channels: 4.8E, 7E, 9E, 10E, 13E, 19.2E, 23.5E, 26E, 28.2E, 39E, 45E, 46E, 50E, 52E, 68.5E, 0.8W, 7W, 8W. Many of these only have a couple of services so I wouldn’t recommend a installing a satellite dish special for these and some like 68.5E may be difficult to obtain a signal with it appearing low on the horizon. But if you have a motorised dish it may be worth setting this so you can get a signal for these too.


Turksat 42E 

To be able to receive Turksat in the UK I recommend a 80cm satellite dish approx, but you may want to go slightly larger to be on the safe side. As Turksat is drifting further away from due south than most we use in the UK. This means that the dish elevation is need to be set lower in order to receive this. I talk about this more on our previous blog on aligning satellite dishes but the satellites closest to due south are the highest in the Sky, the further the satellite deviates east or west from this position the lower it will be. I bring this up as obtaining line of sight may be a little bit more tricky, you may need to install your satellite dish higher up on your wall or on the roof to get a signal. This is important in built up areas or where there are trees and neighbouring buildings in the dish direction.


From Turksat @ 42E you can obtain the following packages: Turksat, Digiturk, GUC Telekom Medya, Turkuvaz, TRT, Demiroren Medya, Dogus, D-Smart, Ciner Medya among others.


Tusksat – Free TV From Turkey

Confusingly the satellite and the free TV service over satellite have the same name, Turksat which would sort of be like calling Freesat “Astra 2”. This is kind of Turkeys equivalent of Freesat so can be picked up with any old FTA satellite receiver and requires no monthly payments, subscription or Smart card. If you wanted a subscription service.



If you wanted to obtain some extra Turkish TV & services you may want to consider the Digiturk package, as already mentioned above this can be obtained from 7E and also 42E. Some of the services available in the Digiturk package subject to change are:


Turkmax, Moviemaxturk, Show Max, TRT HD, IZ TV, Beyaz TV, Kanal 7, STV, TV8, Kanal Turk, CNBC-E, NTV, CNN Turk, Haber Turk, Bloomberg HT, TGRT Haber, Samanyolu Haber, TRT Haber, A Haber, Mehtap TV, Nal A, Nal B,Halk TV, TV2,  Cine5, Bugun TV, Tvnet, Kanal 24, Ulke TV, Flash TV, Meltem TV, TRT Belgesel, Irmak TV, TRT Muzik , (Music), Power Turk, Dream Turk, Kral TV, Fog TV, TRT Turk, Kanal Avrupa, TRT 3 Meclis, Super FM, TJK, Olay TV, Euro News, Turkmax HD, Show TV HD, Star TV HD, Kanal D HD, TRT 1 HD, ATV HD, Fox TV HD, A Haber HD, TRT TV HD, Minika Cocuk, TRT Cocuk, Yumurcak TV, Cartoon Network, Planet Cocuk, Baby First, TRT Sport, BJK TV, GS TV, FB TV, Bursaspor TV, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2, Lig TV 1 HD, Lig TV 2 HD, Lig TV 3 HD, NTV Sport HD.


To be able to receive the Digiturk package you will need a compatible satellite receiver and/or CAM & Smart card and a subscription. Please note that we do not sell these if you want to purchase these for yourself in the UK I recommend Pulsat as they have always been very helpful.

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