Your Ultimate Guide To TV in the UK free download pdf

March 11, 2022
Tom Smart
TV Wall Mount

Your Ultimate Guide To Free TV In The UK- Free Download pdf


Are you completely lost on all the TV platforms that are available these days???


If not, you’re doing well. It’s a full time job keeping up with it all. Things have changed a heck of a lot in the time I have been in the industry. It’s become a full time job keeping up to date with it all.


If you are. You are certainly not alone! Out of this uncertainty I created “Your Ultimate Guide To Free TV In The UK” Now this guide not only serves as a guide against the uncertainty. It also serves to show you whether you should be paying for your TV or not.


Are you paying for TV when you shouldn’t be???


Then this guide is also for you, if you are not a hardcore sports or movies fan then chances are you probably no longer need your Sky or BT Vision subscription. You may not even need your TV aerial or a satellite dish.


This is a completely FREE DOWNLOAD download from our site, which can be downloaded from the side right hand bar if you are reading this on a Desktop or some Tablets, if you are on a Smart Phone you will need to scroll down to near the bottom of the page where it can be downloaded. You just have to put in name and e-mail, hit ‘Yes please send me my free guide’ and Bob’s your uncle.

A message from Tom about the guide:


For the average TV viewer, there is often no need to pay for a TV service.  Too often I hear that people have signed up to a Sky or BT Vision subscription just for something to watch, or have been bribed by a “Free installation” offer only to be charged through the nose each month for TV channels that can received for free anyway, they just didn’t know it.


Gone are the days when what was on the TV determined what you had to watch. From days of recent past you either had the choice of 1 to 4 or 5 analogue TV stations or an expensive Sky subscription. The digital TV switchover, the release of Freesat and connected internet TV really have changed the game when it comes to Free TV.  You are now blessed for choice – too much perhaps as many of my clients often say!


With so much to choose from, conflicting information and technical jargon that baffles it can be a minefield for some out there. I have penned this guide to explain in plain English and simple terms the options, the pros and cons and costs associated with the various forms of Free TV.


Obviously for hard core sports, movies and heavy viewers, a Sky subscription may be the way to go. But for TV points in bedrooms, kitchen this may still be over-kill and money down the drain.


Finally I have only included legal ways of receiving TV on here, there are numerous other ways of receiving free TV illegally but these haven’t been added because they are well… Illegal, and I wouldn’t want you getting in trouble.”



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