Changing RF Output Channel On Sky Boxes

February 8, 2020

How To Change The RF Output Channel On Sky Box

If you need to change your RF output channel on your Sky, Sky+ or Sky+HD box follow this instruction guide. The factory setting for the RF output is UHF channel 68 which is not a good channel to be using as this now a frequency group occupied by 4G mobile broadband. You may also want to change the RF out on a Sky box where you have combined a TV aerial signal into the system and you need to move it away from your Freeview services.

Step By Step Guide

1- On Sky remote select 'Services'

2- On services screen, press 0,0,1 and then press 'Select' This will open the Sky installer menu.

3- Scroll across to 'RF outlets' and press 'Select'.

4- Enter your desired RF output channel. This is a number between 21-68 and should not be UHF channel that is used by transmitters in your area as this will cause a poor picture. If you have a remote eye or line power amplifier this will also need to be switched to 'on'.

5- Press 'Green' to store.

You will now need to re-tune on tune any TV's that are connected to the RF output on the analogue side of the TV. If the picture is poor, try another RF output channel.