How To Fit An RJ45 Plug Onto A Cat5 Data Cable

February 8, 2020

This video shows you how to install a RJ45 connector onto a cat5 or Cat5e data cable. This is the type of connection that is used for data cable connections and Ethernet networks. A very similar process is followed using Cat6 and Cat7 cable but please remember to use the correct cat6 and cat7 connectors if you have this type of cable.

For reference the correct pin assignment standards are as follows, in the video we have used the T568B standard which is generally the most common and the only difference between the two is that the orange and green pairs are swapped around:

T568A Standard

1- White / Green Stripe

2 - Green

3 - White / Orange Stripe

4 - Blue

5 - White / Blue Stripe

6 - Orange

7 - White / Brown Stripe

8 - Brown

T568A Standard

1- White / Orange Stripe

2 - Orange

3 - White / Green Stripe

4 - Blue

5 - White / Blue Stripe

6 - Green

7 - White / Brown Stripe

8 - Brown

Tools You Will Need To Install A RJ45 Plug

1x Suitable Cable Stripper - You can use a Stanley knife or utility blade if absolutely necessary

1x RJ45 Crimping Tool

1x Sharp straight cutters, scissors are perfect for this, although you may already have this on the crimping tool

1x side cutters

Materials You Will Need To Make An RJ45 Ethernet Connector

1x RJ45/ 8P8C Plug

Cat5/ Cat5e Data Cable

Not essential but advisable:

1x Rubber Boot

1- LAN cable tester

Step By Step Process For Installing A RJ45 Connector

1- If you're using a rubber strain relief boot, insert this first over the end of the cable you wish to terminate with the thinner part of the boot inserted first.

2- Using the cable stripper, make a small incision around the cable at least 25mm away from the end of the cable and remove. Be extra vigilant to cut into the individual pairs inside the cable sheath.

3- If you cable has a pull string inside, pull this down to expose a fresh piece of cable and cut the outer sheath away using the side-cutters.

4- Untwist and straighten each wire and arrange in the correct order for which standard you're using (T568A or T568B)

5- Bring all the wires together, be careful so that they remain in order. At a 90 degree angle using the cable cutters or scissors cut the internal wires so that 12mm remains free at the end of the cable sheath.

6- Insert the wires into the connector ensuring the correct cable meets the correct pin, push until all wires reach the end of the connection and check to ensure that each wire is in it's correct pin.

7- With the Crimping Tool, insert the RJ45 plug with the tool and squeeze.

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