How To Fit A Coaxial TV Aerial Wallpate - Video

February 8, 2020

This video shows you how to fix a coaxial cable into a TV aerial coax wall-plate. You may want to do this to allow your TV to be easily relocated in a room with a simple fly-lead or just to create a neater appearance than otherwise having a cable just coming through your wall. In the video the wall plate used is a screened wall plate which protects the cable termination from outside interference, the poor inferior wall plate as demonstrated in the video is a un-screened version. This wall plate is suitable for all TV aerial systems, including Freeview and can also be used for radio, like FM & DAB.

Tools You Need To Install A Coax TV Aerial Socket

1 x Coaxial cable cutting tool (side cutters) 

1x Coaxial cable stripping tool such as  utility knife.

1x Small headed screwdriver. (type depends on the wall plate that you have)

Parts You Will Need To Install A Coax TV Aerial Wallplate

Coaxial cable

TV Aerial Wall-plate

Step By Step Guide To Install A TV Aerial Wall plate

Step 1. Cut the outermost layer of the cable with your utility knife. This is called the PVC jacket. You will need to cut back 2cm approx. and be careful not to cut through the internal cable braid, shield and dielectric.

Step 2. Fold back that cable braid over the PVC jacket and if your cable has it, remove cable screen.

Step 3. Around 5mm or 1/5th of an inch away from the beginning of the PVC on the cut section of cable. Cut through the the dielectric with the utility knife and remove it. This will reveal the the centre conductor of the coaxial cable.

Step 4. With your screwdriver, loosen the screws on your TV aerial wall plate. Do not loosen them too much as this will cause the screws to fall out and can be difficult to re-insert again.

Step 5. Insert the coaxial cable into the wall plate terminations and screw down in place. The centre conductor should be inserted into the centre of the wall plate usually and the braid should be clamped down the second clamp. The braid and the centre conductor must not be allowed to touch as this will create a cable short.

Step 6. With the wall plate screws, screw the wall plate into the back box or patress box.