How To Install A Magic Remote Eye To View Sky Box In Another Room

February 8, 2020

This video shows you how to install a remote eye for a Sky box so that you can view your Sky box in a second room. Please note that you can't do this with the new Sky Q boxes.

1- Connect your coaxial cable to the RF2 output on your Sky box. If your Sky box does not have an RF2 output you will need to purchase an i/0 link modulator or an external modulator to connect to your Sky box.

2- Install the coaxial cable to the second room where you wish to view your Sky box.

3- Fit your remote eye and connect to your TV.

4- On Sky handset access the hidden installer menu by pressing. 'Services', 0,0,1 'Select'. You will then need to find the RF output power and switch this to on.

5- Run a auto-scan on ANALOGUE on the second TV, this will store your Sky.

If you want to extend this so you can view your Sky box in more rooms, you install a TV aerial distribution amplifier in between the Sky box and the second TV. This will allow extra cables to be installed to extra TV's. You will need to ensure that your amplifier has a 'DC Pass' function to allow the remote eyes to receive power to function.