How To Make A TV Aerial Or Satellite Flying Lead

February 8, 2020

This video shows you make a TV aerial fly-lead to connect between your TV aerial or satellite wall-plate to your TV or set top box. By doing this yourself you can ensure that you have a cable with high quality parts and components to ensure the best possible signal to your TV & you can also cut it to the exact length that you require to minimise excess cable in and around your TV.

Tools You Will Need To Make Your Own TV Aerial Flylead

1x Stanley Blade or utility knife or coaxial preparation tool

1x Side cutters or cable cutters

Parts You Will Need to Make A Flying Lead

2x Coaxial IEC coaxial plugs

1x Piece coaxial cable (as long as you require)

Step By Step Guide To Make Your Own TV Aerial Fly-lead

1) Separate & unscrew the coaxial IEC plug into its individual four parts. These are a Screw cap, a main coaxial outside body, an inner core connector and a claw.

2) Over the top of the coaxial cable. Insert the screw cap onto the end of the coaxial cable that you wish to terminate. The threaded side must point towards the end of the cable.

3) With the utility knife. Around 1 inch or 25mm away from the cable end, make a small incision around the PVC jacket of the cable. Be extra vigilant not to cut out all the way though as you do not want to cut into the coaxial braid & screen itself as this could create a cable short and create a poor signal.

4) Remove the cut PVC sheath revealing the cable braid and screen.

5) Fold the cable braid back over the top of the PVC outer sheath and secure back with the metal claw. It helps to give this a twist to keep all of the individual cable strands in place.

6) If using a double screened cable like in the DIY video, with the coaxial stripping tool cut away the cable screen and remove revealing the internal dielectric material.

7) Around 3mm or 1/10 of an inch away from the metal claw, with the utility knife cut away the dielectric revealing the centre conductor/ inner core.

8) Make a slight bend in the inner core around half way.Insert the inner core connector of the coaxial plug itself over the centre conductor/ inner core. The kink in the cable will help make a good contact of the inner core connector of the coaxial plug.

9) With the coaxial cutting tool (scissors or side-cutters) cut the cable inner core flush with the end of the inner core connector of the coaxial plug.

10) Slide on main coaxial outer body over the inner core connector of the plug.

11) With the screw cap, screw this hand tight over the main coaxial outside body or the plug.11) Repeat steps 1-10 on the other side of the coaxial cable.

If you follow these steps correctly you will have the perfect fly-lead to connect your TV, far superior to most factory made fly-leads you can purchase in the shops.