How To Perform Software Update On Sky Box

February 8, 2020

How To Manually Update Software On Sky Box

This video shows you how to manually update the software on a Sky box, including Sky+ and Sky+HD boxes but not a Sky Q box. You may want to do this where the Sky box is not connected to the internet and unable to perform regular software updates. This can cause the box to not work properly and become faulty. This is also common where the Sky box is turned off at the mains electrical supply and missing software updates. The Sky box in the video is a Sky+HD box.

Step By Step Guide

1- Disconnect Sky box from power supply and leave for at least 30 seconds.

2- Press and hold the 'Back Up' button on the Sky box, not the Sky handset.

3- Keeping the 'Back Up' button pressed, re-connect the power.

4- Keep the 'Back Up' button pressed until the four LED lights illuminate on the front of the Sky box and the software update screen appears on the TV screen.

5- When the four LED lights disappear, the software upgrade has finished.

I advise that after step 4 has been completed and the software update screen appears on the TV that the screen is switched to another screen until after the software upgrade has finished to avoid screen burn.