How To Set A Sky Box Onto Single Feed Mode

February 8, 2020

How To Set Sky Box On Single Feed Mode When Connecting Only One Cable

If you're connecting your Sky+ or Sky+HD box with only one satellite cable. The Sky box should be set to single feed mode so that everything works properly. Please note that when you connecting a satellite PVR with only one satellite cable you will lose the ability to record one programme and watch another or record two programmes at one time, so you shoudl try to connect your Sky box with two satellite cables where possible to get the full range of services.

Step By Step Guide

1- On Sky remote select 'Services'

2- On services screen, press 0,0,1 and then press 'Select' This will open the Sky installer menu.

3- On the installer menu, scroll across and select 'Setup'

4- Scroll down to Single Feed Mode and switch from off to on.

5- Press the green button to store.

Once this has been stored. The Sky box will reboot and be available in a couple of minutes. When it powers back up the Sky box will now be in single feed mode. Remember should you ever connect a second satellite signal to the box the same process must be followed in reverse to switch the single feed off again.