How To Tune Sky Remote To TV

February 8, 2020

How To Tune Sky Remote To Control TV

This video shows you how to programme your Sky, Sky+ & Sky+HD remotes to your TV. For Sky Q remotes a different process is followed. When you first buy of receive your Sky remote it will not be programmed and many features will not work until this process has been completed. Once correctly set you will be able to control your TV volume, turn your TV off and on as well as changing your TV source or input.

To do this you will need your manufacturer code. You can find the most common codes below. Some TV's, particularly TV's that are quite obscure the TV code can be difficult to find so you may need try a few codes before you find the correct one. Once found I recommend writing this down and storing somewhere safe. Some remotes have a sticker where the code can be written on the inside of the battery cover. You may need this at a later date if ever buy a new remote of if the batteries are removed for more than 10 minutes as this will reset the remote.

Step By Step Process To Set Sky, Sky+ & Sky+HD Handset To TV

The following process is completed on your Sky handset/ remote control.

1- Press & hold 'TV' & red buttons on the Sky handset. The LED light at the top at the remote will blink twice to let you know that the remote is ready for programming.

2- Press 'TV'.

3- Enter the four digit manufacturer code.

4- Press 'TV' then press the stand by button. (This may turn your TV off, in which case press 'Select' to store the code into the remote)

5- Repeat step 4 until the TV switches off.

6- Press 'Select' to store the manufacturer code.

7- Test the functions on the remote. You should now be able to control the TV volume and turn the TV off and on. This is done by pressing 'TV' and then pressing the standby button.

TIP- Remember to press the 'Sky' button when you want to start using the Sky box functions after pressing the 'TV' button, as failure to do this can result in the TV changing channel rather than the Sky box which can become quite annoying.

Common TV Manufacturer Codes For Sky Remotes

Sony - 0000

Samsung - 0060

LG (Goldstar) - 0056

Panasonic - 0051

Toshiba - 0156

Sharp - 0093

Sanyo - 0159

Phillips - 0081

Bang & Olufsen - 0118

Grundig - 0345