Installation of Right Angled Coaxial Plug | For Tight Spaces - Video

February 8, 2020

This video shows you fit a right angled coaxial plug onto a coax cable. The most popular application for this type of plug is when a TV has been installed on a wall and there is little space to get the aerial to plug in. This will also allow TV's to be installed closer to the wall as less space is required behind the TV to get it to fit in. Another popular use for this type of plug is when you want to create a neater appearance when connecting a TV aerial fly lead into a wall plate as the cable will sit much flatter and look much neater.

The plug used in this video is a Televes right angled coaxial plug.

Tools You Will Need To Install A Right Angled Coax Plug

1x Coaxial stripping tool (Utility Knife or Stanley Blade is Fine)

1x Coaxial cable cutting tool (Side Cutters)

1x Small headed screwdriver (type depends on the plug that you have)

Parts You Will Need

1x Right angled coax plug

Coaxial cable (double screened cable preferred)

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1. Dissemble the right angled coax plug. Insert the ring part of the plug over the end of the coaxial cable with the thread part of the plug facing forward.

Step 1. Make a small incision around the approximately 15mm or 2/3 of an inch away from the end of the cable with your utility knife and remove the outlet PVC jacket. Be very careful when using a sharp blade not to penetrate through the cable braid, screen and dielectric as this could cause you problems with your signal.

Step 2. Fold back the exposed cable braid over the PVC jacket/ cable sheath and if using a double screened cable remove the exposed cable screen. This should pull away with your hands or you many need to cut it with your utility knife.

Step 4. Approximately 5mm of 1/5th of an inch away from the folded back braid, make an incision with the utility knife through the dielectric and remove, exposing the centre conductor.

Step 5. Using you cable cutting tool and using the right angled coaxial plug that you have as a reference. Cut the centre conductor so that is just long enough when inserted into the centre pin of the plug.

Step 6. With your screwdriver, loosen the centre pin of the plug. Be careful not to loosen too much as this could cause the screw to fall out.

Step 7. Insert the centre conductor the cable centre pin of the right angled coaxial plug and screw down to fix it in position.

Step 8. Place the back of the plug over the front part of the plug, hold in position and screw the threaded ring over the threaded part of the plug.

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