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If you’re looking to improve your WIFI performance or speed
in Eastbourne, East Sussex which includes neighbouring areas Pevensey &
Westham than look no further than Smart Aerials to install you a super-fast
WIFI distribution system.


We are a team of expert WIFI installers in Eastbourne who
know how to extend and improve your wireless Internet service. We can help you
with all of the following:


Home WIFI set up

Hub and router set up service

LAN access points

Long distance WIFI installations

Outdoor WIFI

Wireless Broadband in Eastbourne, Bexhill, Polegate,

Satellite Broadband


WIFI Access Point Installation Eastbourne


If you live in a large property then there is a very good chance
that your WIFI will not extend the lengths and breadths of the property and you
will be left with WIFI “blackspots” where you will not be able to access the
internet or you will have a very poor or slow internet speed. In situations
like this we can install you equipment that will solve the problem of Wireless
internet blackspots with the installation of an Internet Access Point. This
acts as a secondary wireless device that will increase the range of your
wireless internet connection.


With all the wireless devices that exist nowadays such as
Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Smart TV’s and so on. It not is not uncommon to
need high speed internet connection in all of your rooms of your house
including all your bedrooms, lounge, office, dining room and so on. We can
install a seamless wireless broadband system which allows you to roam freely
from room to room with no messing about logging in and out of separate devices
as you move from room to room your device will notice that there is stronger
connection and automatically switch over.


This type of system is perfect for Offices, Business
premises, Hotels, Guest Houses, B&B’s, HMO’s, student accommodation and with
a reliable WIFI system you can really set yourself apart from your competitors.


Long Distance Point to Point WIFI installation Eastbourne


You may be in a position where you need a reliable WIFI
internet connection in an outhouse, the end of the garden or any neighbouring
buildings to where you area.  These could
be a considerable distance away from your main building and it may not be
viable to dig up the garden to install a data cable or fibre optic cable. In
which case a point to point installation is exactly what you are looking for long
range WIFI in Eastbourne.


This works by installing one or more small and unobtrusive
transmitting and receiving antennas which can be used to share your internet
service over great distances without the need of having to spend a couple of
days back breaking labour digging a trench through your garden.


Home Network & WIFI Set Up Service in Eastbourne, East Sussex


If you have just had a new router delivered and are not sure
how to set this up or are having problems, we provide the residents of
Eastbourne with a home router set up service. If you need of would like to
change the wireless SSID or passwords to something memorable we can do this


Why Smart Aerials for your WIFI distribution installation?


As I have already mentioned we are a small team of expert AV
and Internet set up installers, fitters and engineers who are highly experienced
in the telecommunications sector. We are not only the answer to all of your
wireless internet needs but we are always punctual, polite and courteous.


We always do our best to keep our appointments. Typically we
offer a one hour time slot as standard with all of our appointments meaning
that you are free to get on with your day not sitting around wondering when we
are going to show up. Being based in Eastbourne also means that we are able to
quickly respond to enquiries meaning that you will not have to suffer with poor
WIFI in Eastbourne for too long.


We do our very best to ensure customer satisfaction. We are
a personable, open and honest WIFI installation company in Eastbourne meaning
that we are not going to quote you a ridiculously low price only to present you
a bill that is significantly highly like many WIFI installation companies do.
We charge what we quote unless you are told otherwise.


WIFI Company Near Me – Eastbourne


As well as serving the whole of East Sussex and not just
Eastbourne, we also regularly serve nearby towns and villages Pevensey,
Pevensey Bay, Westham, Normans Bay, Stone Cross, East Dean , Friston, Birling
Gap, Hankham, Willingdon, Hampden Park, Meads, Roselands, Ratton, Langney,
Langney Point, Sovereign Harbour South and Sovereign Harbour North.