Can I Mount My TV Above A Radiator?

March 11, 2022
Tom Smart
TV Installed Above A Radiator

Is It Possible To Mount TV Above Radiator?

If you’re interested in mounting your TV to a wall and the only viable place or the place you really want to install it is above a radiator or another source of heat. Read on for some help and advice on the subject with some tips and advice on the subject. I’m going to begin with a disclaimer if for any reason you run into any trouble with your TV as a result of installing it above the radiator which you can read at the bottom of this blog.

Before you install a TV above a radiator position I would advise where possible to try and find another position instead as with the heat rising you could potentially damage your TV. It not something that I like doing but I have done it on the past. I actually have my own kitchen TV above a radiator, which is going to be moved at a later date but I wanted to provide some advice for this topic rather than just saying "don't do it". I would however strongly suggest taking some measures mentioned in this blog If you can’t find an alternative position, like you could try and get a little creative with your TV wall bracket which allows the TV to be positioned away from the heat. Like a full motion wall bracket or a ceiling mount. You can find more information on our blog about different types of TV wall brackets & mounts.


Tips On Hanging TV’s Above Radiators


Check The Manufacturers Specifications

If you look in the manufacturer literature, you will see that the TV itself will have a heating range that the TV can safely operate within. Most TV’s will operate between -10 to 50 degrees centigrade and you must not exceed this. You can use this to determine roughly what the heat will be in the room. Just remember where the heat rises onto the TV the area will warm up far quicker than other parts of the room.


Consider A Full Motion/ Movable TV Wall Bracket

You could always hang your TV above your radiator on a full motion wall bracket that can be pulled away from the wall to avoid the rising heat when the heating is on. When the heating is on you could just pull the bracket into the out position and when the heating is off you could fold back to the wall. I would give this some serious consideration if the radiator is going to be regularly on.


Turn Radiator Off

If the radiator you wish to mount your radiator is not so important in the sense that the room is well heated without the radiator, like in kitchens. The best thing to do would be just the switch the radiator off so that no heat is rising from it. This is easily done by just adjusting the thermostatic radiator valve (TRV).


Turn Radiator Down

If you can’t turn the radiator down, you could turn the radiator down as low as possible so that less heat is leaving it.

Install A Radiator Cover

You could try deflecting the heat away from the wall into the room so that much of the heat misses the TV position. I personally think radiator covers look nice and these could be used to stop the heat rising tothe TV position.

Radiator Cover Protecting Rising Heat From TV

Install A Floating Shelf Above The Radiator

You could install a floating shelf above the radiator to tryand deflect the rising heat as much as possible in a similar manner to theradiator cover suggestion. A floating shelf would be perfect for this and itcould provide you somewhere to keep some ornaments and the TV remote itself.


Install A Fan

I’m just brainstorming here! I haven’t actually ever done this myself with TV’s installed above radiators, but I have done this several times with AV equipment and network racks to keep the equipment cool. You could purchase a silent USB fan which could be powered by most TV’s themselves and use this to divert the heat and keep the TV cool.


Move The Radiator

This may seem a bit drastic, but you could always consider moving the radiator. Obviously you would need a plumber or a strong DIY skill set but this could be the answer to your problems. If you currently have a radiator on a wall It may beneficial to move it below a window anyway.


Install An RCD

If you’re still worried about installing your TV directly above a radiator, you could take some extra safety precautions like installing an RCD socket or a plug in RCD. These are designed to trip out when there are anomalies with your electricity and most modern day fuse boards would be protected by a RCD/ MCB anyway, but if you have an old type it might be a good idea to install an RCD.


Install TV Higher Up Away From Radiator

I would suggest that it would be a terrible idea to install a TV immediately above a radiator which is regularly on, instead you should install the TV higher up away from the radiator so that the heat has a chance to disperse in a different direction. I have written a blog on how high TV’s should be installed on walls which suggest a height around eye level to the centre on the screen in your viewing position. Obviously, you going to have to avoid this advice in this situation. If you are interested in employing someone to mount your TV you many also be interested in how much TV wall mounting installations should cost.


I hoped that you liked this blog, bit of a short one for me.As always if you have any questions LEAVE A COMMENT in the blog comments section below the blog and I will respond to you ASAP. If you’re not in our coverage area of East Sussex please DO NOT CALL OUR TELEPHONES. I appreciate that it may seem like I’m shouting there with it being in capital letters, but I really am not in the position to help everyone with their problems. I’m a busy man who spends most my time on the tools or running the business and can’t fit into my schedule telephone support. I do regularly check the blog comments and I will answer any comments there. Also, by putting your question on the blog everyone reading gets the benefit of the question asked and the answer given.


Until next time,




DISCLAIMER – Both myself and T Smart Technology Ltd t/A Smart Aerials accept no responsibility for any damage caused to your TV by installing your TV above your radiator. The blog has been written as a response to a question that we regularly get asked and I advise you not to install your TV above a radiator or any other source of heat.

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